IN THE NEWS: Price Scanner Errors Mean Fines for Local Businesses

January 12, 2017

Two Winston-Salem businesses were fined by the NC Agriculture Department and the Consumer Service's Standards Division due to "excessive price scanner errors." Better Business Bureau spoke with TWC News reporter Rilwan Balogun on January 11 about price scanner errors and how consumers can protect themselves from overpaying.

  1. Be aware that price scanning errors can and DO occur
  2. Keep an eye on the prices that ring up during checkout. Do not hestitate to stop the cashier if something seems to be priced higher than expected.
  3. Have a good idea of what the total cost of your spending trip will amount to. If the total is higher, look over the receipt prior to leaving the store so you can confirm with pricing on the shelves.
  4. If you notice a price scanning issue, first let the cashier and/or manager know. Most likely, this is an unententional error and the business will honor the advertised price.
  5. If the business does not honor the advertised price, contact Better Business Bureau at (336) 725-8348 and the NC Standards Division at (919) 707-3225.