BBB Investigating Local Cleaner Closed by the Department of Revenue

October 18, 2017

Officials from the State Attorney General's Office will be on location at Rodem Cleaner's in Winston Salem today, Monday, November 20, and tomorrow, Tuesday, November 21, from 1:00pm to 6:00pm to distribute clothing to those affected by the business clothing. Please contact the Attorney General's Office at 919-716-6400 for further information.


Winston Salem, NC- October 18, 2017- Better Business Bureau of Northwest North Carolina has begun an investigation of Rodem Cleaners, located on Academy Street in Winston Salem. BBB was first made aware of the situation when several consumers called seeking help and information.

When the long-time customers attempted to collect their laundered clothing, they unexpectedly encountered a closed store and a “No Trespassing” sign from the North Carolina Department of Revenue. The sign stated that “the personal property here within has been seized for nonpayment of taxes.” Also taped to the window were signs directing customers to return to the store on October 13th in order to collect their clothing, along with a phone number to call with any questions.

Once the 13th arrived, the store was still closed and signs on the window had been removed. It was then that customers began calling Better Business Bureau for help.
BBB has contacted the owners of Rodem Cleaners via email, and received a response on the 14th stating that the business was closed but that someone would be doing laundry distribution for affected customers. When pressed for clarification of how and when customers could pick up their items, and how they would be notified, no response was offered.

BBB has spoken with representatives from Ferrell Realty, the owners of the building out of which Rodem Cleaners operates. They were contacted by the DOR regarding the seizure, but as of the date this press release, the dry cleaning business is in good standing with the realtor.

Better Busines Bureau has also been in contact with both the Department of Revenue and the Forsyth County Sherriff’s Office in an effort to better assess the situation and aid the customers. A DOR representative has stated that the seizure was recently deemed economically unfeasible–meaning they would not be able to collect enough from the sale of any company property to recoup back-taxes– so they have attempted to return the keys to the business owner. According to the DOR, this means that the owners are now legally able to reopen the store and return their customers belongings. However, the owners have yet to be reached and the DOR has been unable to return their keys. What is unknown is if and when the business will re-open.

BBB will continue to monitor the situation, and will update the public with any updates they receive. BBB will update the company’s profile ( and post updates to Facebook ( Customers are also urged to check the storefront often.