BBB Rebate Advertising Review Program


BBB rebate claim program

what is the bbb rebate claim programOur BBB Rebate Advertising Program was created to provide auto dealers easy access to anonymously submit potential rebate violations. All submissions are sent to BBB for review and vetting by trained staff members to ensure compliance with rebate regulations in Washington State according to WAC 308-66-152.

Important Note: All claims are anonymous and handled confidentially by BBB.

how does the bbb rebate claim program workHow it works #1Email

How it Works #2Provide all the details:
• Name of the business
• Business contact information
• Copy of the advertisement
• Where the ad was published

how it works #3Submit to BBB!
Claims may also be sent via standard mail or fax.
Better Business Bureau
1000 Station Drive | DuPont, WA 98327
Fax 206.431.2200

what's next?After review of the claim, potential violators will be asked to substantiate their advertising. Repeat offenders are referred to the Washington State Attorney General’s Office by BBB for further legal action.

BBB thanks you for being a community of trust advocate. Should you have any questions regarding rebate or advertising claims, please contact us at or call 206.431.2222.

Better Business Bureau serving Alaska, Oregon & Western Washington and Better Business Bureau serving Eastern Washington, North Idaho and Montana launched a rebate advertising review program in 2015 to help Washington State auto dealers comply with the updated administrative code WAC 308-66-152.

The mission of the program is to help the auto industry self-regulate and promote trust between businesses and consumers.