Beware of Online Auto Sale and Transport Scheme

BBB Warns of Companies Impersonating Legitimate Businesses
July 20, 2017

According to a Better Business Bureau Scam Tracker report, someone has used a real businesses name in to sell cars on auto sales websites. This online auto sale and transport scheme have resulted in many victims losing thousands of dollars.  

Newman Transport Intl of Vancouver, Washington has confirmed it has been one of the businesses affected by this scamAs of June 23, 2017, BBB has received three complaints about a company using the name "Newman Transport" from consumers alleging they paid thousands of dollars for vehicles purchased online that were never delivered. However, Newman Transport is not in the business of buying or selling cars or transporting vehiclesThey transport construction materials.  

BBB Serving the Northwest warns consumers to be on the lookout for suspicious online auto sales. Find helpful car buying tips at or

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