BBB’s Guide to Avoid Travel and Vacation Scams

Don’t Be Fooled by These Common Travel Cons
June 12, 2017

With summer just around the corner, consumers are dreaming of sunbathing, sightseeing and spending quality time with their loved ones. Better Business Bureau Serving the Northwest warns that con artists are plotting to target consumers looking for the best travel deals.

Consumers across the Northwest reporting to BBB Scam Tracker have lost an estimated $50,000 to nearly 300 travel scams in the past year. According to the 2016 BBB Annual Risk Report, the median loss for travel and vacation scams for the in 2016 was $847 and susceptibility was also high at 38 percent of reports involving a loss. Don’t let scammers bring frustration to your vacation. Visit to learn how to avoid these types of schemes. 

ABOUT BBB: For more than 100 years, Better Business Bureau has been helping people find businesses, brands and charities they can trust. BBB Northwest serves more than 14 million consumers in Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana and Western Wyoming.