Company Scams Oregon Janitorial Supply Business

BBB Warns of Scams from Waterford Management
May 23, 2017

A scam from a company claiming to operate out of Minneapolis is making its way across the nation and has even targeted a business in the Northwest. According to BBB reports, Waterford Management, a building management and janitorial services company, has already scammed multiple companies out of around $900,000 worth of supplies. Better Business Bureau Serving the Northwest advises all business owners to be cautious of solicitations from Waterford Management.  

A janitorial supply business in Eugene, Oregon reported Waterford Management set up an account with them and submitted all the appropriate credit application information and references required to make the order. Shortly afterward Waterford Management ordered another shipment, this time set up as a "blind" shipment to New York through a freight company. That's when the Eugene company discovered the original shipment had never been paid for, costing them $9,000 in janitorial supplies. The company decided to reach out to Waterford Management to see if they could pay for the first invoice before they sent the next one. After that discussion, Waterford Management stopped all communication with the company including emails and phone calls.  

There have been other reports of victims across the country who lost products to Waterford Management.  One reported to having tracked their business' shipment to a ship leaving the country. Better Business Bureau serving Minnesota reported similar incidents on March 31, 2017. They reported the company's "references" to be fake or fraudulent.  

BBB advises businesses who have lost money to Waterford Management to report their experience to BBB Scam and the FTC. BBB also suggests all businesses, especially vendors, verify all references provided and carefully review applications before doing business with new customers.   

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