Social Media Accredited Business Promotions


Social Media Opportunities for Accredited Businesses

If you are interested in any of the following opportunities,
please email BBB at


BBB Accredited Business testimonials onlineFind the Seal Friday

Take a picture of your business displaying the BBB Accredited Business seal and email it to us with a quote about why your business displays the BBB seal! Don’t have a BBB seal? Let us know at and we’ll mail you one!


Accredited Business Testimonials

Let us know why you chose to become BBB Accredited and send us one of the following:

  • A picture of whoever provided the quote
  • A picture of your business (business entrance or vehicle – business name must be visible)
  • Or your business logo


Guest Blogs

Would you like to be a featured guest blogger for BBB’s blog? Send us an email! Topics need to be pertinent to business owners and managers.

Online Community Groups

BBB invites Accredited Business owners to join the BBB AB Community Groups on LinkedIn and Facebook! These groups are a place to share business insights, accomplishments, and network with one another. They also serve as an opportunity for BBB to communicate with and help our valued Accredited Businesses.