Which BBB Handles Your Complaint?


With more than 100 BBBs across the United States and Canada, we need a way of tracking the complaints we receive. We do it with zip codes. Each BBB responds to complaints about businesses located in its region. We use the zip code you provide to ensure your complaint is handed by the correct BBB.

Zip code search by address
Visit the U.S. Postal Service and Canada Post provide online postal code searches.

Zip codes search by website
Zip codes for online businesses can be found with a simple search:

  • Visit Who.is
  • Enter the website's URL in the search form
  • You will be given a list of contacts for the website. Use the administrative contact as the address for the business

More zip code questions

If you have further questions about how to find a business's location, please contact your local BBB. Use our BBB Locator to find the BBB serving your area.