The Benefits of the Better Business Bureau

June 13, 2017

Without A Better Business Bureau

 “What would Northwest Florida be like without the Better Business Bureau?”

The answer is:

  • Over 500,000 people who contact the BBB each year to check on businesses would make a less informed buying decision – and maybe the wrong decision.
  • Reputable businesses would lose sales to companies whose poor service and broken promises tarnish the image of the whole business community.
  • Legitimate businesses would lose the advice and information that helps avoid scams.
  • More community consumers (especially seniors and young military service men and women) would fall victim to con-artists who prey on these vulnerable groups.
  • The media and law enforcement would lose a valuable ally in uncovering and publicizing frauds and schemes.
  • Businesses and consumers that rely on the BBB’s dispute resolution services would end up in court or without any cost effective option for presenting complaints.
  • Donors responding to charitable solicitations would not be able to easily verify those charities that uphold the Standards for Charity Accountability.
  • False or misleading advertisements would go unchallenged.
  • A passionate voice for ethical business practices would be silent – at a time when it needs to be louder than ever.

It is hard to imagine what the business climate would be like for Northwest Florida without the Better Business Bureau that has served this area so well for over 30 years. 

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