Robocall Operations Shut Down By FTC

January 25, 2017

Phone ReceiverThe Federal Trade Commission announced a crackdown on two massive robocall telemarketing operations, both of which have been making robocalls to consumers on the National Do Not Call (DNC) Registry since at least 2012. 

According to the FTC, one of the defendants illegally blasted millions of robocalls in 2012 and 2013 to consumers on the DNC Registry selling home security systems or generating leads for home security installation companies. In just one week in July 2012, the defendant allegedly made more than 1.3 million illegal calls to consumers nationwide, 80 percent of which were to numbers on the DNC Registry. As late as April 2016 the FTC alleged that the defendant and his company placed at least 800,000 calls to numbers listed on the DNC Registry. 

The other operation was charged with making more than 329 million robocalls to consumers in all 50 states, including 32 million to numbers on the DNC Registry in 2014 and 222 million calls of which 40 million were on the DNC Registry in the first quarter of 2015. 

Both operations have agreed to court orders that permanently ban them from making robocalls, making any calls to numbers listed on the DNC Registry, and have been fined.  

If your number is on the DNC Registry and receive a robocall, report the number and other information about the call to our BBB Scam Tracker ( and contact the FTC (

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