Who’s calling whom?

August 31, 2017

[Fort Wayne, IN – August 31, 2017] – BBB has received several reports of calls coming from “260-485-XXXX” numbers belonging to actual residents in this area; however, they are not making the calls. “Rachel” from Card Member services is the caller!

“Rachel” will offer to lower an individual’s credit card rating. To take advantage of this offer, a credit card number is requested. Don’t give it out as it’s an attempt to get your credit card information to make unauthorized purchases.

A caller informed us that she replied to the number displayed on her caller ID; the number did not belong to “Rachel” but to a local citizen. The woman she called had received a message from “Rachel” as well. Marjorie Stephens, President/CEO, advises, “Spoofed calls are increasing daily. Before picking up a call with a number you are unfamiliar with, let it go to voicemail. Don’t let the caller know they’ve reached a ‘live’ number.”

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