Looking to save on Internet or cable costs? Don't trust this guy...

August 05, 2014


From Better Business Bureau serving Northern Indiana

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Looking to save on Internet or cable costs? Don't trust this guy!

[Fort Wayne, IN - August 5, 2014] - It has been reported to BBB there is a man who is going door to door saying that he represents Dish Network and Comcast as well. This depends on what provider that you don't have! The man goes by the name of Dietrich, according to one source, and provided a phone number from the Memphis, Tennessee area.

He asks consumers if they want to save money on their internet and cable bill. He then asks who provides their service. After he learns who the service provider is, he pulls out applications for both Comcast and Dish Network. To save money on this special deal that he is offering, he'll accept $100 cash or you can pay $200 by check. If paying by cash, he still wants the checking account number. Also on the application he asks homeowners to fill out, he scribbles out the logo so that it doesn't reflect Comcast or Dish Network.

One person who paid him in cash spent over 2 hours at her bank closing down her account and opening a new one to minimize damages that could be caused from this person having access to her bank account. The representative at the bank also confirmed with Dish Network that Dietrich was not one of their representatives. Even a 3rd party representative is not allowed to accept cash.

Be on the lookout, in case this person should come to your home. For any door-to-door solicitor, it is important to request identifying information such as an ID Badge with a number and company name. You may want to copy this information down and verify it with the company the person claims to represent. A business card is good to have and should have a person's name, address, business name, and phone number. Before agreeing to accept any offer, tell the representative that you will get back to them at a later date. Check on the person's credentials, and once you have determined that he/she and the company is reputable, schedule an appointment to have them come back. If you have concerns, please call us at 260-423-4433. We are here to help!

Phishing emails on Facebook

[Fort Wayne, IN - August 5, 2014] - Have you had the unfortunate opportunity to be hacked on Facebook? You may receive a mysterious message that seems out of character for your friend. You find out that other friends of this same friend have also been sent the exact message.

Hackers will also create a brand new account under a made-up name, add photos from individuals whose photos they have copied and pasted, add a bio, and send "Hello notes" too unsuspecting people. Here are some examples of email headers that one of our staff members received.

Facebook hacking

In each of these instances, the person sends an email and attempts to start a dialog with you. The person may want money from you. They may want to steal your identity or compromise your computer by having you click on an attachment or URL link. Regardless of what they may say, it's very important to be aware that this kind of thing goes on. If you know the person purportedly sending you the message, talk to them or call them before answering. Another staff member received a Facebook message from a supposed friend that simply said "hey."

Frauds are adept at reeling people in and they will not give up. The best advice is to be aware and wary at the same time.

Should you have any questions about odd emails received from Facebook, call your BBB at 260.423.4433 or 1.800.552.4631 to report it or to ask for advice. For spam email, the best thing to do is to report it to Facebook. You can do this by clicking on "Action" and clicking on "Report Spam or Abuse." For the latest on scams, go to BBB.org.