Online Sponsorships

"This program has allowed us to approach the consumer in a more credible way than conventional ads would, and our association with the BBB nurtures confidence in our brand" - Allie V., Clearpoint Credit Counseling Solutions

Increase your Accredited Business's exposure to the highly qualified consumers visiting The BBB Online Sponsorship Program provides exclusive placement of your business logo, banner and video commercial throughout our website.

Each Online Sponsorship includes: 

  • Targeted ad placement on the Business Search Page: Your ads are delivered based on what business consumers are searching for. For example, if a consumer searches for a HVAC business, a HVAC sponsor and related video content will display.  (sample)
  • Homepage & Video Page: Premium placement on - Home Page & Video Page featured alongside video content.
  • Graphic Ads: Our creatives team customizes specific banner ads for your sponsorship. (sample)
  • Video Commercial (optional): Your personal video commercial is played before BBB educational video content.                    

Available Pricing Options:
 12-Month Sponsorship - $500