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 Is SES Right for you?

Your BBB of Northern Indiana partnered with to provide a Search Engine Solutions program for our Accredited Businesses. Seventy-two percent of the public use Google as their phone book and for research purposes. SES provides effective internet marketing 24 hrs - 7 days a week. Our goal is to provide thisproven marketing strategy at the lowest cost to drive quality consumers to you. Google has a dedicated BBB person and you have a full time SES Administrator.

SES is a long-term marketing program for business to consumer, service and product providers. A limited number of accredited businesses sponsor the Google - Better Business Bureau (category) page with subscriptions.

SES consumers, research quality & reliability not price. They don’t waste their money or time and don’t waste your time with quotes that don’t turn into sales.

SES provides accredited businesses a high Return on Investment. Our data shows that participants have approximately FOUR TIMES MORE internet hits to their BBB page than in 2008.

SES promotes you to the consumerwith Credibility, Confidence & Contact Info. You don’t need a Web site but if you have one, we link to it.

SES is responsive to you! We can have you on the internet in 24-48 hours.

Internet marketing is a necessity to be competitive and gain market share in the recovering economy. SES is a VALUE ADDED marketing enhancement to BBB’s menu of services. Our low pricing is due to the cost savings we have working together with 10 other BBBs.

If you would like more information about our SES program, please contact Shawn Long @ 260-969-9544.