A Complaint Is A Gift



Resolve complaints quickly and maintain customer loyalty

In a marketplace where billions of transactions take place daily, some errors and misunderstandings are bound to occur. By taking prompt action, businesses can often turn consumer dissatisfaction into customer loyalty.

When a customer does complain, one out of every two will not be thoroughly satisfied with company’s efforts to solve the problem. However, taking the opportunity to listen and respond to your consumer’s complaint is a prime opportunity to improve on your businesses practices.

Recognizing that unresolved complaints pose a threat to consumer confidence in the marketplace, the BBB has dedicated itself to playing a leadership role in the resolution of consumer-business disputes.

BBB believes consumers and businesses alike will benefit if they can resolve their disputes on their own. If the matter cannot be resolved independently, the BBB will facilitate two-way communication between the two sides as a neutral third party. BBB’s mission is to provide fair conciliation between both parties to reach the ultimate goal of resolution.

What are the Advantages of BBB Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)?

· Efficient – Claims are generally concluded within 30 days of filing

· Impartial – Skilled and well-trained dispute resolution professionals volunteer their services to the BBB

· Experience – BBB has 90+ years of Alternative Dispute Resolution experience

· Flexible – Arbitration hearings can be held “on site”, via telephone, in person or in writing – depending on the nature and complexity of the issues.

· Economical – There is no cost for Dispute Resolution

Remember – if your customers are not telling you what you are doing wrong, they are probably simply going elsewhere to do business. A complaint is an opportunity for growth and education for both parties.

If you would like more information on the BBB’s dispute resolution services, call the BBB staff at 800-552-4631 or visit http://www.bbb.org/us/Dispute-Resolution-Services/

Participation in dispute resolution demonstrates a company’s commitment to solving problems responsibly and a concern for an efficient and personal approach to consumer/business relations. BBB is here to help.