The $89 Deed Service

August 20, 2014

Consumers in northwest Alabama are receiving a “RECORDED DEED NOTICE” that leads them to believe they have to pay for a copy of their deed.  The mailing has an “official” look to it but is not from any government agency.

In fact, the official looking document (bar code, and all), said: “Record Transfer Services recommends that all AL homeowners obtain a copy of their Current Grant Deed and Property Assessment Profile.   These documents can provide evidence that the property at *** was in fact transferred and or has interest to the individual(s) ***.  “

BBB was contacted by the Franklin County Revenue Department after a local resident came in asking why they needed to pay $83.00 to get a copy of their deed.  The employee told the resident and BBB their office does not charge for a copy of a deed.  BBB has talked to other Revenue Departments and Probate Offices and their might be a small fee for copying but nothing in the neighborhood of $83.00.  And some have information on their webpages.

Record Transfer Services has earned an F rating from Better Business Bureau due to unresolved and unresponded complaints.