Advantages of BBB Accreditation

Why You Should Apply To Become An Accredited Business With BBB Serving Northeast Florida & The Southeast Atlantic

BBB is a leader in advancing marketplace trust. Today’s savvy consumers and businesses want control and confidence in choosing a company that has made a public commitment to doing what is right.

For most decision makers, evaluating the trustworthiness of a business is one of the first steps in making a product purchase or service decision. Today and maybe more than in the past, people want assurance from a reliable third party, someone they can trust, not from friends or dated brochures, they need and want it from an unbiased third party that delivers updated relevant information.  

This is why we tell the public to Start with Trust; start their search with BBB Accredited Businesses. These companies have made a public commitment to live up to the Standards for Trust- a comprehensive set of policies and procedures focuses on how businesses should treat the public-fairly and honestly.

Here are some key advantages to becoming BBB Accredited:

Share in the BBB’s Positive Reputation

A company of any size that carries the internationally recognized BBB mark of accreditation inherits the added advantage of over 100 years of trusted goodwill in all forms of commerce. 

Public Confidence

Our value to our Accredited Businesses is driven by the ability to deliver consumers to companies they can trust. We gather and provide the reliable data that allows consumers to do business with companies they know are ethical and trustworthy. We build consumer demand for the trustworthy marketplace.

You gain public trust and confidence through the BBB’s efforts in helping the public recognize that legitimate firms care about and are doing something to maintain their trust. The BBB’s job is to make sure every dollar spent in the marketplace is spent with legitimate businesses.


We enlist businesses in voluntary initiatives and practice self-regulation. Everything BBB does is designed to strengthen reputable business, expose substandard marketplace behavior and protect the public.

BBB Business Reviews

Every BBB Accredited Business is listed on our website and identified with the Accredited Business seal. These reviews include a link to your company’s website, a map to your location, business images, videos, coupons (when provided), and all contact information for your business.

Last year, consumers accessed local reviews more than 1.1 million times. Nationally, BBB reviews were accessed 120 million times. More than 90 percent of the service we provide is through our website.

BBB Trust Mark

Consumers have come to know and trust the BBB Torch Seal. Using the seal in your print and broadcast advertisements. On your invoices and business cards, in brochures and on your website provide a favorable first impression.

We Drive Customers To Your Business

Hundreds of thousands of BBB Accredited Business listings are viewed every month, linking tens of thousands of potential customers to their websites.

Competitive Advantage in the Quote Process

Many times the quote process is so competitive that contracts are won or lost on what would seem to be a minor detail. A BBB mark of accreditation may, in some cases, give the accredited business the advantage needed to win a contract or job.

If none of your competitors are accredited, you will stand out. If all of your competitors are accredited, you are losing business. There are also examples on record of companies who only award contracts to accredited vendors. 

Request a Quote Program

Looking for qualified leads? This BBB program provides Accredited Businesses leads that end in results. When consumers visit the BBB website looking for a trustworthy business, they have an option to Request a Quote for services. We then contact our Accredited Business partners with these requests, letting them know their services are in demand.

Dynamic Seal for your website

Signify your credibility with the BBB Seal on your website. The seal links to your BBB Business Review, instantly building trust and confidence in your business practices.

BBB Mobile Web Site

Leverage the power of the internet for your business. More than ever people are using the smartphones to find businesses they can trust. Expose your business to these consumers with a mobile web site that will be designed for you.

Media Exposure

Your BBB works closely with the news media to inform consumers of scams and to advise the public of protective measures in purchasing. Your BBB produces and forwards news releases to the media as soon as information is brought to the attention of the BBB or when an investigation is completed.

Risk Management

BBB Accreditation can provide a preemptive proactive measure to manage customer concerns before they hit critical mass resulting in lawsuits. Government actions or negative media attention can hurt stock prices.

Avoid the high cost of outside legal firms and public relations campaigns. By working with BBB in the complaint handling process, this may result in the saving of time, money and credibility.

Dispute Resolution Services

As a BBB Accredited Business, you will receive free mediation and arbitration services should a customer file a complaint against your company, which is far less costly than utilizing the services of an attorney. It also assures your customers that their concerns will be addressed.

Advertising Review

To encourage ‘truth in advertising,’ the BBB monitors advertising claims that may be false or misleading. This is a valuable tool for maintaining ethical standards among competitors within your industry. The BBB will also review your company’s advertising at no cost. 

Employee Advantages

Do you want to attract and retain talented employees? Many quality employees want to connect with an employer that demonstrates a commitment to accountability and local community support.

BBB offers programs like Smart Investing and other consumer education events. Protecting your employees can lead to better productivity on the job. To stand out in the marketplace businesses can show leadership through BBB Accreditation.

Accredited Business Hot-Line

To ensure that you receive priority service, the BBB provides our Accredited Businesses with an unlisted telephone number that can be utilized by both you and your employees. 

Better Business Newsletter

Your BBB produces a quarterly newsletter with marketing tips, highlights of the previous quarter, and articles on interest especially for BBB Accredited Businesses. We keep you informed of what is going on with BBB and how we are working in the community.


BBB Standards

Accreditation is by invitation only. Many firms are not eligible to join because they do not meet Better Business Bureau Standards for business performance. The BBB builds the public’s confidence in business by demonstrating that legitimate business firms do care about good public relations.


“Simply stated …
BBB Accreditation makes good business sense.”

You may never know how many customers you’ve gained because of your listing in the BBB Accredited Business Directory, but even one business transaction can often pay for a year’s accreditation.

A recent Gallup poll showed 85% of consumers prefer to do business with a BBB Accredited Business - this may be one of your greatest assets.


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