BBB Alert: Promotional Companies Target Local Businesses

May 17, 2017


BBB has received reports from Wichita Falls area businesses that there are a few companies contacting them to purchase ad space. One says they are putting together a MSU Visitors Guide and the other claims to represent Notre Dame selling ad space on book covers. BBB has received confirmation from both schools that these companies are not selling on their behalf.

Based on BBB experience with these types of solicitations, purchasing advertising often fails to deliver on promised promotions.

BBB suggests that before you turn over a check to any business or organization, make sure you have precise details:

  • Ask how it will be produced or printed 
  • Check with the school or organization to verify they have sponsored this activity 
  • Ask how the guides, calendars, poster or magnets will be distributed 
  • Get a written guarantee of the company’s policy regarding cancellation or business misprint 
  • Make sure you have final copy approval 
  • Do not agree to anything until you check out all references 
  • Beware of companies that you do not solicit


Always remember an offer good today can wait until tomorrow; so don’t be pressured into handing over funds until you verify the company is actually selling on behalf of the school or organizaiton. For more information on scams that target businesses visit