The BBB Video Contest in Wichita Falls has started!

Students from five area high schools created 1-minute public service announcements about BBB Serving North Central Texas’s services to illustrate the contest theme, “Be Smart. Be Informed,” to North Texas consumers.
March 06, 2017

Burkburnett High School (Burkburnett), Christ Academy (Wichita Falls), Graham High School (Graham) Hirschi High School (Wichita Falls) and Petrolia High School (Petrolia) were selected to participate in the competition because of their strong film, journalism, and audio video production programs.

According to Phylissia Clark, VP of Public Relations and Communications for BBB Serving North Central Texas, “The theme of ‘Be Smart. Be Informed.’ is what BBB is all about. We offer free information about businesses to consumers so that they can make informed purchasing decisions and recognize when a business is trustworthy.

The videos feature BBB services like BBB Scam Tracker, a free interactive tool that allows the public to report scams and check to see if something is a scam before they fall victim.