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BBB Serving North Central Texas pro-actively identifies marketplace practices that are deceptive, misleading, unethical, or should be called into question. The purpose of BBB investigations is to help inform the public on what actions may be taken avoid fraud and protect against being victimized.

Investigations can include in-depth studies of marketplace practices. Some of these studies are listed below.

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Concerned about an Advertisement?

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Recent Marketplace Studies:

Travel Club Schemes: Inside the Promotion Commotion (April, 2013)

What's behind calls and mailings claiming consumers have been awarded airline or cruise tickets? BBB finds consumers must attend a presentation, which turns out to be a high-pressure sales pitch for expensive travel club memberships. Complaints allege the club benefits and savings are misrepresented or that awards carry unexpected fees or restrictions that make them hard to use. BBB outlines the players -- marketers, schedulers, distributors, administrators, and award fulfillment services -- and offers tips for consumers.

For BBB's investigative summary on travel club schemes, click here: Club Schemes 4-25-13.pdf

Roofing Deductible Assistance Programs: Diagram of a Scheme (August, 2012)

After severe hailstorms and tornadoes hit the Dallas area, consumers and roofing contractors asked BBB about "no deductible" offers. BBB found that some offers involve inflated estimates to cover the deductible. Other offers provide "advertising reimbursement" in an amount equal to the deductible, in exchange for placing the roofing company's sign in the homeowner's yard. BBB recommends caution with deductible assistance programs to consumers and roofers. "These programs walk along a very fuzzy line of insurance fraud, and neither roofer nor consumer would want to be held liable for such serious allegations," BBB said.

For BBB's investigative summary on roofing deductible assistance programs, click here: Deductible Assistance Programs.pdf