Should I Subscribe to this Magazine or Not?

July 21, 2014

It’s summer time!  The kids are out of school.  Those in high school and in college are looking for job experience and ways to make money.  One way of doing this is by going door to door and selling magazine subscriptions.magazines 300x168 Should I Subscribe to this Magazine or Not?

Every year, the Better Business Bureau receives calls from concerned citizens about students going door to door selling magazines.  Sometimes, the sellers are legitimate but other times not so much.  Last year, there were reports where a couple of solicitors in the Midwest claimed to be students at a particular university, who were raising funds to go on a trip to London.  When the BBB contacted the school, the information provided by the student did not check out.

One of these solicitors even came up with an elaborate story about how she was raising funds for the military and was going to be on a special episode of the Discovery Channel called “Fundraisers for the Military”.  She even gave a specific week as to when this show was to be aired.  BBB staff did contact the Discovery Channel and talked to people in Chicago and New York.  No one knew what this young woman was talking about.  Obviously, it was made up.

Should someone come to your door and offer to sell you magazines, think twice!  Even if the seller is legitimate, there are other things to be concerned with such as if you’ll even receive your product(s) or whether the items will ship to you in a decent amount of time.  A good way to check on this is to contact your Better Business Bureau, either online or by calling us. Protect your investments!  Shop Smart!  Be informed. 

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