BBB Warnings
In advance of Pope Francis’s historic first visit to New York City on September 24-25, Better Business Bureau Serving Metro New York is warning consumers to be on the loo..
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Watch out, there's a phishing scam out there pretending to be from Better Business Bureau in order to lure you in. It looks like a request to answer questions about your ..
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BBB Wise Giving Alliance has issued a warning to donors who may be considering a contribution to the Syrian refugee relief effort. Would-be donors should look out for sca..
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After reports that Nepal was shaken by another large earthquake just weeks after a previous earthquake caused more than 8,000 casualities, BBB Wise Giving Alliance (WGA) ..
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Tax season is upon us, and Better Business Bureau Serving Metro New York is urging consumers to avoid tax problems - and potential tax scams- by doing their homework, and..
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