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Vitamin Sales by Direct Marketers

Author: Better Business Bureau

If you are contacted by a salesperson to buy vitamins in order to receive a prize, you should consider the following: do you really want vitamins from a company you have never heard of and which is probably requesting an immediate answer and your credit card number to process your order? If you already take vitamins, or were thinking of buying them for health reasons and not just to receive a prize, you should first compare prices from other sellers. The price offered over the telephone, for insstance, may be far in excess of that available in a local store. Many of these products may be unmarked and sold in packages with no product identification or ingredients. You may, therefore, wish to ask who manufactures these vitamins, what are the recommended dosages, and exactly which vitamins are contained in each daily or weekly pack.

The BBB advises against making hasty decisions which involve giving your credit card number over the telephone to unknown companies. You may also wish to think twice about buying a product because of the promise of a prize. Further Information
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