See a Problem with a Business's Advertising?


Have you seen an advertisement that seems suspicious or too good to be true? It may be in violation of the BBB’s Code of Advertising.

The Better Business Bureau Serving Metropolitan New York serves businesses and consumers by promoting ethical business practices and helping to maintain consumer trust in the local marketplace. One long-standing service of the BBB is our Advertising Review Program. As part of this program, we closely monitor local print, Internet, and broadcast advertising in New York City and its surrounding areas. To fulfill the BBB’s mission of promoting truth in advertising, we regularly contact local businesses regarding their advertising claims that may appear deceptive, misleading, or suggest unethical business practices.

For more information about the BBB Code of Advertising, click here.

Concerned about an Advertisement?

If you think you’ve found false or deceptive advertising from a business that operates in the Metropolitan New York area (New York City, Long Island, Mid-Hudson), you can submit the information*, along with a copy or link to the ad, via email. In order for us to conduct an inquiry, you must provide the following:

  1. The name of the business
  2. A copy of the advertisement or a link(s) to the web page(s) in question

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a consumer requesting the BBB’s help in resolving a dispute with a company, please click here to use our complaint form. Submitting an advertisement for review will not result in a formal reportable complaint.

*You will not be informed of the outcome of the BBB's work, but may see the resulting change in advertisements.

Due to the high volume of information, we are unable to reply directly to every submission.