BBB Tips on Disaster Recovery

As the immediate crisis passes, consumers will start to evaluate any damage done and begin the clean-up process. BBB receives hundreds of complaints every year concerning sub-par work performed by contractors, and encourages consumers to take the time to properly research contractors to avoid creating a bigger problem.

Click on the following links for detailed information from the BBB on repairing your home after storm or disaster damage:

General Resources for Consumers and Businesses with Storm/Disaster Related Damage
Watch out for “Storm Chasers”
BBB Tips on Debris Removal
Hiring Disaster Repair Contractors
Hiring a Roofing Contractor
Hiring a Tree Service Contractor

Giving to Disaster Relief Charities

When disaster strikes, people respond with generous gifts of time and money to charitable organizations.  Despite the desire to help quickly, BBB advises donors to take steps to assure that donations will go to legitimate and reputable charities and relief efforts that have the capacity to help victims.  Some charities spring up seemingly overnight in the wake of a disaster. Make sure that the organization you contribute to has the resources and infrastructure to truly help.

For more information, please read Tips on Storm Relief Donations.