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Sponsored Listing in the BBB Accredited Business Directory
Rise to the top of your business category and increase your company's visibility on

  • The Metro New York BBB website gets over 7,000,000 visitors each year.
  • Ninety-three percent (93%) are there to check out specific business reviews.

What’s Included:

  • Featured listing in your business category, with highlighted background color
  • Your company logo prominently displayed
  • Link to your website (if available)
  • Link to your BBB Business Review
  • Online request-a-quote
  • Map link
  • Links to your social media pages
  • Activity Tracking

Sponsored Listing Options

  • Top Tier Position: $4,000 for one year ($2,400/6 months)
    Dark Blue listing on the top of the business listings page, rotates on page refresh
  • 2nd Tier Position: $2,500 for one year ($1,500/6 months)
    Medium blue listing just below the top 
  • 3rd Tier Position: $1,500 for one year ($900/6 months)
    Light blue listing just below 2nd Tier but above general accredited business listings, rotates on refresh


Banner Ads on the Metro NY BBB Website Homepage or Search Page
Reach receptive consumers with targeted messages about your business in a uniquely valuable environment with online banner ads on Only BBB Accredited Businesses are eligible to advertise on the BBB website.

  • In a recent national survey, 77% of respondents said they were aware of the Better Business Bureau (Nielsen, 2012).

  • Nearly 60% said their purchase decisions were influenced by rating sources such as the BBB.

  • BBB leads all competitors on awareness/familiarity in every income and education category by a wide margin.

Home page banner ad

Home page banner ads

  • One year at $4,800 ($400/month)
  • 6 months at $2,700 ($450/month)

Search page banner ads

  • One year at $1,800 ($150/month)
  • 9 months at $1,500 ($166.66/month)
  • 6 Months at $1,200 ($200/month)

BBB “Start With Trust” ad campaign
Include your company in directory style ads in major New York newspapers, other high profile New York media, and the year-round online Buyer’s Guide.

In 2015, Start With Trust ads appeared in:
The New York Times, The New York Daily News, Newsday, The New York Law Journal, and El Diario

As a BBB Accredited Business participating in this promotion, you are sending a clear message to millions of consumers that yours is a company they can trust.

BBB Buyer’s Guide
The BBB Accredited Business Buyer's Guide offers consumers a resource to locate businesses that meet the BBB Standards for Trust.

Exclusive to participating Accredited Businesses, the Buyer's Guide includes an interactive online directory-style listing containing your business contact information, logo, and direct links to your BBB Accredited Business Review and your website.

Sign up now for a listing that runs through June 30, 2016. CLICK HERE to download cost and participation form.