Employee Assistance
Employee Assistance

Accredited business hotline services
BBB accredited business employees are entitled to call the Accredited Business Hotline at no cost to get expedited service when they wish to check on businesses and charities and to file complaints. This is a popular employee benefit.

Accredited business seminars on business topics
Several times a year, the BBB invites accredited business executives to attend seminars on topics important to business owners and managers. Recent meetings featured expert speakers, including the New York State Attorney General, executives from a prominent detective firm, and the FTC Regional Director, discussing issues such as fraud prevention, privacy issues affecting your business, and insurance risks created by new technologies. These breakfast seminars are free to accredited businesses; the public pay a fee of $25 to attend.

Employee seminars
For groups of ten employees or more, a BBB executive would be happy to prepare and deliver a consumer seminar on topics of interest to your staff. Typically presentations take place on your premises over the lunch hour or at breakfast time in "brown bag" fashion. (Maximum two such seminars per year, per accredited business, as scheduling permits.) Popular recent topics have included tips on travel, auto purchase and leasing, and issues affecting seniors and their caregivers. There is no extra charge for this accredited business benefit, which is extremely popular with prominent firms and their human resources departments.

Educational consumer brochures and pamphlets for employees
Through its BBB Foundation, the Bureau produces and distributes consumer information pieces that can be very helpful to your employees. When these pieces are launched the Bureau sends samples to BBB accredited businesses and offers the opportunity to order extra copies for your staff. Recent educational pieces focused on topics such as e-commerce, preventing home equity fraud, long-term care insurance, home care options, estate planning, and more. Printed educational pieces are free, while supplies last, to accredited businesses as a membership benefit. In addition to printed material, the Bureau offers an extensive collection of consumer information publications on its Web site at www.newyork.bbb.org. These pieces are instantly accessible at any time to employees who have Internet access through a computer.

Newsletters and BBB alerts
BBB accredited businesses receive the BBB’s main newsletter, the Report to Business, and the New York Philanthropic Advisory Service newsletter, several times a year, plus special consumer alerts. In addition, if your company has an employee newsletter or corporate intranet, the Bureau will be glad to supply consumer articles for you to use in these important employee communications vehicles.