Tips on Becoming Accredited
Tips on Becoming an Accredited Business

Most firms are already doing what it takes to become a BBB accredited business. However, sometimes BBB accreditation applications get "stuck" because of problems that could be avoided or handled in advance.

Examples of Common Problems:    

  1. Be licensed, if a license is required. If your business is required to be licensed by a state, county, or city agency, make sure that you have a valid, current license before applying for BBB accreditation. BBB accredited businesses are required to operate in lawful ways. If you are not sure about whether your type of business requires a license, contact us.

  2. Avoid misuse of BBB logo or name. Firms that are not BBB accredited businesses may not use any form of the BBB logo or name in advertising, on a Web site, or in any other kind of communication. Companies that are misusing the BBB name or service mark are not eligible for BBB accreditation.

  3. Make sure your ads meet BBB standards. Quite often, well-intentioned businesses are not aware that certain kinds of statements in their advertisements might be considered improper or misleading. If you are unsure about whether your ads meet BBB guidelines, take a moment to check the BBB Code of Advertising.

  4. Check to be sure your Web site meets BBB standards. Web sites may lack a privacy policy, information about the security of online financial transactions, and important details about transactions. To learn more about the BBB e-commerce guidelines, which are required for BBB accredited businesses, review the BBB Code of Business Practices.

  5. Be in business in downstate New York for at least one year. The Better Business Bureau welcomes information about brand new businesses for our database. However, to be eligible for accreditation, your firm must have been in operation for a minimum of one year, and in certain instances, there may be additional requirements.

  6. Abide by BBB Accredited Business Standards. If your company has a problematic track record of consumer complaints with the BBB, we will be happy to help you improve your customer service procedures, so that your company can eventually become eligible for BBB accreditation. For additional information, please review the BBB Accreditation Standards.