How to Become Accredited
How to Become an Accredited Business

Accreditation by the Better Business Bureau tells your customers about your company's excellent reputation.

Applying for accreditation is simple and easy.

  • Then, fill in and submit the Business Profile on this web site. This information allows us to create an accurate report on your company for consumers.

  • When it's relevant, we will ask you for additional information, like licensing, advertising samples, Web site information, and contract samples.
    If your business must be licensed in order to operate where you are located, we will ask you to supply your license number, the name of the licensing agency, and a copy of your most recent license.
    Advertising and Web Site Review: 
    If your company advertises in any way (including yellow pages ads, direct mail, flyers, print ads, radio ads, television or cable ads, or out of home ads), or communicates with the public through a Web site, we will ask you to supply a copy of any recent ads and your Web site address. If you do not have a Web site or advertise in any way, we ask that you provide a written statement to that effect.
    Contract Review:
    If you use a standard contract in your regular transactions with consumers, we ask that you submit a sample of your contract form.

  • We will review your application carefully. This review is usually swift, but sometimes can take several weeks, depending on the application. Please be patient while we complete this process.

If you wish to expedite your application, please print out a copy of your completed online business profile, and mail it with these additional pieces of information (licensing details, advertising samples or no-ads statement, Web site address, contract samples) to the BBB office nearest you. See Contact Us for our addresses.