BBB Accredited Business Personnel Photo Gallery Info

New York BBB Accredited Business owners understand the value of showing their customers their commitment to ethical business practices.
We are offering you, a BBB Accredited Business, a chance to post your photo in the Accredited Business Photo Gallery on our NEW website at “Start With Trust” is the updated BBB motto and we would like to feature photos from the companies that Deliver Trust... right here in the Metro New York area.
If you would like to send us a photo of yourself or someone in your business environment that we may show on our website, here are the guidelines:
  • The photo should be from your midsection to the top of your head with no obstacles blocking your torso or face.
  • Your image should be in the foreground, with the business environment (building, site, shop, office) in the background.
  • You should have a genuine, amiable smile.
  • The photo should have a natural, relaxed feel.

Please send your digital photos to then fill out and fax the photo release form to (212) 533-7507 so that we can have your pictures ready to use on the NEW Metro New York website.