Get Charity Seal


The Education and Research Foundation of the Better Business Bureau of Metropolitan New York (Metro NY BBB Foundation) offers local New York area charities that meet all 20 BBB Standards for Charity Accountability the option of applying for a Metro NY BBB Charity Seal that can be displayed both online and in solicitation materials. The seal provides the public with a clear, concise, and easily recognizable symbol that the charity adheres to the Metro NY BBB Foundation's strong and comprehensive standards. Only charities that meet the new standards and are located in the NY Metro area are eligible to apply for the seal. Participation in the seal program requires a license agreement and a fee, which is based on a sliding scale.

Participation in the seal program is optional. The Metro NY BBB Foundation reports on New York charities that have been the subject of recent inquiries from potential donors, regardless of whether that charity intends to apply for the seal or not. The foundation reports on both charities that meet and do not meet its standards, and does not charge charities a fee in order to be reviewed. All the Metro NY BBB Foundation's charity reports are accessible to the public at no charge on this website.

In recent years, a variety of charity accountability issues have been in the public spotlight. Many charities are concerned about this and are seeking ways to distinguish their operations and to assure donors that their organizations are operating responsibly. The goal of the Metro NY BBB Foundation Seal Program is to offer a highly visible accountability tool that will help inform donors, assist charities in establishing their commitment to ethical practices and encourage greater confidence in giving.

The participation of charities in the program is wholly voluntary. To qualify for use of the seal, the New York charity must be found by the Metro NY BBB Foundation to meet its revised standards, sign a licensing agreement and pay an annual fee. The fees will be directed towards establishing and monitoring the seal program and helping to support the Metro NY BBB Foundation core reporting activities.

The annual fee is determined by a sliding scale based on the level of the charity's total public contributions for the past fiscal year. The fee amount ranges from $50 for a charity with $100,000 or less in contributions revenue to a maximum of $5,000 for a charity that receives public contributions totaling $60 million or more. If you are a New York charity and are interested in applying for the seal, please email us at, or call 212-358-2873, stating your organization's interest and the name and title of the individual at your organization who will handle seal application activities.