Sweepstakes Fools Victims with Fake Check
Some cons just never get old (for scammers, that is). Con artists are always impersonating Publisher’s Clearing House, hoping that the lure of a sweepstakes win is too te..
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Cunning New Con Impersonates Personal Emails
A sophisticated new scam is targeting business and personal email addresses. Scammers create email accounts nearly identical to an existing account and use that new accou..
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Honoring the Virginia Journalists Killed Last Week
Every time there is a catastrophe that catches the attention of the public and the media, the scammers follow. Whether it’s a natural disaster like a hurricane or a man-m..
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Spot a “Money Flipping” Scam on Instagram
Scammers are giving get-rich-quick schemes a high-tech makeover. By promoting “money flipping” scams on social media, they are appealing to a new, younger audience, accor..
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Fake Job Offer is Really a Phishing Scam
Scammers are at it again! A new email con uses Google Docs to disguise a phishing scam. These emails appear to be recruiting you for a new job opportunity, but they are r..
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Missing Your Wallet? Here’s What To Do
I watch enough Lifetime movies to know what can happen if your identity is stolen. One wrong move and your entire life will be in the hands of someone else. But what exac..
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Why Should Consumers Trust The Seal?
There are lots of noises these days. Internet noise. Social media noise. Radio and television advertising noise. Newspaper and magazine ad noise. All of these noises dema..
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BBB Tip: Back-to-School Shopping Shouldn’t Break the Bank

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You Can’t Win It If You Didn’t Enter It
BBB® is warning about a Facebook International Lottery scam. A local resident says they were contacted via Facebook Messenger claiming they won $250,000. Shortly afterwar..
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Smarter Back-to-School Shopping
Growing up “back-to-school” shopping was always a bittersweet event for me. On one hand, it meant the end of summer and the start of homework and tests. On the other hand..
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