Why BBB?


For more than 100 years, BBB has been helping millions of consumers find businesses they can trust.
Nearly 400,000 busineses are already Accredited and meet BBB Standards for Trust.

BBB reports on all companies, even those that are not registered or BBB Accredited and BBB responds to millions of requests for Business Reviews every month. People come to us because they know and trust us. Our information is unbiased, factual, substantiated, and free. When you combine it with the BBB rating system it’s a lot easier for consumers to decide with whom to do business.

BBB Accredited Businesses have:

  • Increased visibility on our BBB Accredited Business Directory that helps consumers find trustworthy businesses by category.
  • Enhanced Business Reviews that allow busineses to customize information, and upload photos and videos to their BBB Business Review.
  • Access to our Request a Quote program that allows consumers looking for your goods or services to request a bid or proposal from you directly from your BBB Busines Review.
  • Ability to use the BBB Accredited Business dynamic seal on your website so that visitors can immediately click through to verify your BBB Accreditation and rating.
  • License to use the BBB Accredited Business logo in hard copy and print advertising that gives a company a distinct trust advantage.
  • Access to BBB Alternative Dispute Resolution services to help resolve disputes that arise between consumers and businesses, saving you customers, and costly legal and court fees. 

There are many other benefits of BBB Accreditation, but in order to receive this special recognition, you must first agree to uphold the BBB Standards for Trust, and apply for and be accepted as a BBB Accredited Business.