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Credit & Debt Counseling - Nonprofit

Author: Better Business Bureau
Category: Finance

Nonprofit credit counseling services and programs are sponsored by religious or fraternal organizations, offer counseling assistance to those people who need help organizing their finances. These organizations may offer their services at no charge or for a nominal fee. Federal and state laws govern credit repair services to ensure that they do not misrepresent their services. They are required to advise you of your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and to provide you a written contract specifying the services to be performed and informing you of your right to cancel the contract without paying anything within 5 working days after signing it. The Uniform Consumer Credit Code Unit of the Colorado Attorney General's Office regulates credit repair agencies.

The Colorado Credit Services Organization Act provides requires companies to provide consumers with information necessary to make intelligent decisions regarding the purchase of credit repair services and protects the public from unfair or deceptive advertising and business practices. For additional information, view the Credit Repair Agencies section of the Consumer's Resource Guide on the Colorado Attorney General's website.