Benefits of Accreditation

In a competitive marketplace, BBB Accreditation assures consumers that they are choosing a business with a proven track record for being honest, reliable and responsive. Since consumers often compare multiple companies, being accredited gives you a competitive edge. But there are also many other ways that BBB Accreditation can impact your bottom line.

Accredited Business Logo


    Your BBB plaque, seal and certificate identify your company as a trusted BBB Accredited     Business. BBB Accredited Businesses may use the BBB seal in all print media, on your  company vehicle and in radio and television advertising.


BBB Accredited Business Directory

 Accredited Business Directory

BBB Accredited Businesses are included in the online Accredited Business Directory. This increases your market reach and leads consumers to your business.



BBB Business Reviews

 Customized Business Reviews

BBB Accredited Businesses can add service areas, photos and videos to their BBB Business Review.




 ESPN The Team Advertising

40 (30 second) commercials for all new Accredited Businesses in their listening area.



Request a Quote

 Request a Quote

Consumers can request a quote from your company directly from your BBB Business Review or they can request quotes based on type of service desired and location. These hot leads are only generated for BBB Accredited Businesses and are delivered to your business by email.



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 Affinity Programs

BBB is proud to offer our Accredited Business Affinity Program. Our Accredited Businesses can save on print and broadcast media


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 Accredited Business Hotline

 A dedicated hotline for BBB Accredited Businesses. Your call is always a priority at (505) 346-0119.