Call Center Impersonating IRS raided in India

October 20, 2016

Indian authorities arrested October 6th 70 English speaking call center workers alleging they made thousands of calls a day to try to trick Americans into sending them money. According to the news reports,  the threatening telephone calls to American  taxpayers  netted the fraudsters $150,000 a night. Scam callers impersonating the U.S.  IRS requsted payments via Western Union, Money Gram, Green Dot Moneypack, ITune and other gift cards. The IRS scam has accounted for 25  percent of all scams reported to the BBB Scam Tracker ever the many months. Lesson to remember:  The IRS never contacts taxpayers by phone;it  sends numerous deficiency notices by mail.

The Council of Better Business Bureaus reports on the effects the arrests in India had on the number of scams logged in on the CBBB's website Scam Tracker. You can read it here: