BBB Foundation Offers Free Program to Protect Businesses from Email Attacks

March 24, 2017

Recent research and reports by fraud experts from across the country show that phishing attacks striking businesses are exponentially increasing in both frequency and sophistication, presenting a significant threat. “It is critical that all companies, both large and small, know how to spot some of the most common phishing scams if they hope to protect their business, its information and reputation,” stated Rebecca Herold, CEO/Founder of The Privacy Professor, a consulting business and President of which provides information security, privacy, technology and compliance management cloud service for businesses.

On April 4th, BBB Foundation is hosting a program featuring Ms. Herold from 11:30 am - 1:00 pm at the Ralston Arena at 7300 Q St, Ralston, NE. She will discuss six kinds of phishing attacks perpetrated against businesses such as business email compromises, ransomware, tech support scams and social engineering. She will share real life examples of businesses that have been victimized. This presentation is free and open to all businesses in Omaha and Lincoln. Box lunches will also be provided at no charge.

Ms. Herold has been recognized as one of the “best privacy advisers in the world” by “Computerworld” magazine. She was also named a “top 59 influencer in IT security” by “IT Security” magazine, selected to the International Privacy Task Force” in 2013 and serves as an expert witness for information security, privacy and compliance issues.

A 2016 FBI report stated that business email compromises, alone, were a 3.1 billion dollar scam. “It is evident that cybercriminals continue to sharpen their hacking skills and businesses must take stronger precautions to protect their information and all of their connected devices,” said BBB President Jim Hegarty. No business is immune from phishing attacks!”  According to Symantec, “Like thrown paint on a blank canvas, attacks against businesses, both large and small, appear indiscriminate. If there is profit to be made, attackers will strike.”

Ms. Herold published a free “Personal Privacy Risk Evaluation.” Attendees may take it before coming to hear her speak. “It will help them see where their weaknesses are with current privacy and security risks,” said Herold. “The evaluation provides a resulting report and recommendations for how to improve those areas and better protect personal information.” Go to to take the evaluation.

“Rebecca Herold will offer tips that every business can use to better safeguard their key accounts and their employees’ personal information,” said Hegarty. “Businesses with an increased awareness and understanding of these scams are more likely to recognize when they have been targeted by fraudsters and are therefore more likely to avoid becoming victims.”

Reservations are required to attend. Click here to make your reservation or 800-649-6814 #8550. Please RSVP by Friday, March 31st.

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