Better Business Bureau, Inc. (BBB) has been serving U.S consumers and businesses since 1912 and is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing trust in the marketplace. Accountability, education and recognition of business role models are key components to the BBB's mission. Today BBB serving Nebraska, South Dakota the Kansas Plains and Southwest Iowa is supported by approximately 10,000 Accredited Businesses that have voluntarily committed to adhere to BBB’s Standards of Trust. Consumers are encouraged to visit bbb.org for Business Reviews on over 4 million companies or to report complaints and possible scams.

The Better Business Bureau, Inc. is governed by voluntary Boards of Directors. Its President/CEO is Mr. Jim Hegarty.

The Corporate Board currently has representation from metro Omaha and metro Lincoln, Nebraska, metro Sioux Falls, South Dakota and metro Wichita, KS. This Board provides fiscal, policy and staffing oversight for the Bureau's service area. It is supported by the four Local Boards empowered to monitor BBB results and to advocate for Corporate Board action to assure local operational and member service excellence in each of the three offices serving the region.

The Local BBB Boards play the key role in the oversight of the Bureau's operational, programming and membership goals and in the advocacy for Corporate Board action to assure local operational excellence.