Misleading Advertising, Products and Services that Middle Tennessee Consumers and Businesses Can Do Without - 10/2017

October 30, 2017

Your Better Business Bureau has identified the following businesses as offering services and products that have resulted in numerous complaints alleging misleading ads/offers, unsatisfactory services, and misrepresented products.

Each business identified in this BBB Accredited Business Member/Media Update has been contacted by BBB concerning their business practices, unresolved customer complaints, and failure to discontinue the cause of customer complaints.

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Barn Yard Bliss – BBB Rating: F
1400 Rosa L Parks Blvd #404, Nashville, TN

 With a name like Barn Yard Bliss you would think it would have something to do with a barn, right? Well, this company’s specialty is online clothing that focuses on farm animals, hint “Barn Yard Bliss.” However, consumers do not agree with the “bliss” so much as most orders do not seem to get delivered after they are placed. Consumers state that once a product is ordered and paid for, the company will not respond to them. After a complaint is filed with BBB, the company refunds the consumer’s money even if the consumer specifically requests that the merchandise be sent instead of a refund.

 BBB’s investigation revealed that the physical address for the company is a condominium complex. The phone number and address listed on the company website is associated with another company, AgriStyle. A URL search of the company website reveals the website was created on February 18, 2017 and registered out of the country in Panama. BBB encourages consumers to look for a BBB Accredited Online Retailer, as they have committed their business to BBB’s Standards for Trust.


Furniture by Brad – BBB Rating: F
1005 West Kirkland Ave., Nashville, TN

Have you ever placed an order for specialty furniture in hopes that you would receive something unique that no one else has? Many consumers felt the same way when they placed their orders with this company. However, consumers complain that products are poorly made and projects are started but never completed. Once a refund is requested the company becomes unresponsive and will not refund their money.

Furniture by Brad has earned an F Rating for failure to deliver products once purchased, failure to issue refunds and failure to respond to complaints filed with BBB. BBB’s Accredited Business Directory will help you connect with a trustworthy furniture designer.


SwimWithIssues – BBB Rating: F

133 Weakley Ln Ste 220, Smyrna, TN

 Who doesn’t love to swim, whether for sport or for fun? Whichever one you love, I’m sure you enjoy wearing clothing that shows everyone you swim and you’re proud of it. So, when you find a company that claims to sell swimming apparel and accessories and has custom ordering available, you order. Turns out consumers state the business failed to deliver items purchased, while other consumers reported receiving the wrong or defective item. Some consumers claim their attempts to obtain a replacement or a refund have been unsuccessful, and the company only communicates once or twice - then ceases all communication.

 SwimWithIssues has earned an F Rating for failure to deliver items purchased, failure to replace or refund items and failure to respond to complaints filed with BBB. Visit BBB’s Accredited Business Directory to find a BBB Accredited Online Retailer.


TruSight Construction – BBB Rating: F

709 Winter Haven Ct, Antioch, TN

 When doing any type of home improvement or construction you always want a builder who you can trust, is dependable and will get the job done. However, this isn’t the case with TruSight Construction. Consumers state they contract the company for jobs, in some instances reaching a cost of $100,000.00. In some cases, the work done by the company is not completed or even started once the deposit has been given. Sub-contractors are often hired by the company to do the work but typically return to the homeowner as they have not been paid by the contractor, or the check they were paid with is returned for insufficient funds. The company makes promises to refund the consumers but fails to fulfill their promises.

BBB’s investigation revealed that the owner of the company, Daniel B. Myers, is currently detained in the Cannon County Detention Center on a probation violation. He also has pending charges in Rutherford County, TN for Theft of Property, Theft of Identity and Worthless Checks. Also, according to the Tennessee Department of Probation & Parole, Daniel B. Myers is on the Tennessee Sexual Offender Registry. BBB suggests choosing an Accredited Home Improvement repair business by visiting BBB’s Accredited Business Directory.


C.U. Clothing – BBB Rating: F
6900 Lenox Village Drive STE 578 Nashville, TN

 We all love to buy clothes but who likes to go shopping and wait in those ridiculous long lines? Many people do their shopping online these days. However, consumers of C.U. Clothing state they never receive the product they purchased through the company website. Consumers try reaching the company by phone and email, but calls and messages are not returned. As of October 1, 2017, no refunds have been received.

C.U. Clothing has earned an F Rating for failure to deliver items purchased, failure to issue a refund and failure to respond to complaints filed with BBB. Visit BBB’s Accredited Business Directory to find a BBB Accredited Online Retailer.

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