All In One Recycling

June 13, 2017

All In One Recycling Earns F Rating From BBB Middle Tennessee

[Nashville, TN] - BBB warns consumers of the business practices of All in One Recycling, Murfreesboro, TN, which has generated numerous customer complaints citing the company’s failure to provide recycling collection services, failure to make refunds for prepaid services and blocking consumers from removing their credit card information from the company website.

Consumers report multiple attempts to contact the company by phone and emails go unanswered while recycling items/ materials sit outside their homes for days and weeks. One consumer said, “A generic email was sent out to their "customers" (not addressed to me in any way).  They apologized for their lack of service and promised to do better.  That week was my next pickup, and somehow my recycling ended up all over my yard.  I placed a call to them and tried emailing and have received no response.” Another consumer said, “The company failed to collect our recycling per our agreement for the entire month of May after several calls from us and mailed failed promises by them.” BBB’s contact to the company resulted in a prerecorded message stating “There are no agents to take your call, please leave a message.” Multiple messages have not been returned and at times the business phone has been disconnected.

All in One Recycling has earned an F Rating for failure to provide services as contracted, failure to make requested refunds for prepaid services, and failure to respond to complaints filed with BBB. 

You can find a list of local trustworthy recycling companies by visiting BBB's Accredited Business Directory.

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