Beware of a Delivery Scam

April 27, 2017

BBB warns Middle Tennessee residents to be cautious of door hangers or postal cards that state “Sorry We Missed You!…We have a package for you!”

Homeowners are instructed to call 615-457-8211 today to schedule prompt delivery.

BBB investigation has determined that the package waiting for delivery is a bottle of Tide laundry detergent, contingent upon the homeowner agreeing to schedule a water quality test by a representative of Luv Green Solutions.

Consumer complaints with BBB allege the company uses fake delivery notices and free water quality testing to generate customer leads for the sale and installation of poor quality water filtration systems. Luv Green Solutions has earned an “ F Rating” from BBB Chattanooga.

BBB advises consumers to be cautious when accepting package deliveries which are unexpected and require any kind of payment, especially if delivery is contingent on a product demonstration or free inspection .

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