Misleading Advertising, Products and Services that Middle Tennessee Can Do Without - February 2017

February 28, 2017

Misleading Advertising, Products and Services that Middle Tennessee Consumers and Businesses Can Do Without

Your Better Business Bureau has identified the following businesses as offering services and products that have resulted in numerous complaints alleging misleading ads/offers, unsatisfactory services, and misrepresented products.

Each business identified in this BBB Accredited Business Member/Media Update has been contacted by BBB concerning their business practices, unresolved customer complaints, and failure to discontinue the cause of customer complaints.

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 February 28, 2017


Nashville Bike Week – BBB Rating: NR
PO Box 1687, White House, TN

“Will the show go on?” That’s the question everyone is asking. BBB has received thousands of inquiries over the past couple of weeks from consumers asking about Nashville Bike Week, promoted by Michael Lewis Leffingwell, aka Michael Axle. This event was to be held at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch, but was recently cancelled due to Leffingwell’s failure to meet financial obligations, according to the Ranch. Information in BBB files demonstrates Mr. Leffingwell/Axle is no stranger to conning the public.

In 2007, Leffingwell was sentenced to three years in federal prison and ordered to pay $249,900 in restitution for running a scheme claiming to have NASCAR credentials and offering to advertise business products and sell merchandise during NASCAR events. Businesses lost thousands of dollars, as Leffingwell took the money and never performed the promised service.

In 2015, Leffingwell was convicted of felony theft and sentenced to two years in relation to his operation of Got Concrete where he took money for advertised services, and again failed to complete the promised work. BBB’s investigation recently revealed authorities are again looking for Leffingwell and that he is currently on probation through December 2021.

Morgan Movers – BBB Rating: F
800-883-5448 & 615-645-0399
Nashville, TN

With the rapid growth Middle TN is experiencing, it’s no wonder movers are one of the most inquired about industries with BBB. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most complained about industries, and Morgan Mover’s poor business performance has contributed to that volume of consumer dissatisfaction.

Consumers who hired Morgan Movers complained about the company’s failure to deliver furniture in the time frame promised and refusal to honor quoted prices. Complaints also allege the company failed to show up for scheduled moves, and in instances when they did arrive, consumers were inconvenienced with paying for additional trucks because the company did not send the proper size vehicle to handle the move.

BBB’s investigation revealed Morgan Movers is not licensed as an interstate mover, and is not located at the advertised address in Nashville. Moving can be a stressful event, so to alleviate some of that stress, BBB encourages consumers to look for a BBB Accredited Mover, as they have committed their business to BBB’s Standards for Trust.


Innovations in Management – BBB Rating: F
321 Victor Reiter Parkway/PO Box 7747, Portland, TN

Listen up, HVAC, landscaping, plumbing and food equipment contractors! This alert is for you. Innovations in Management (IIM) advertises a means for contractors to “grow their business and take a professional approach to their work” by joining IIM’s network, but over 40 contractors who agreed to provide sub-contracted services for IIM allege failure of the company to pay for completed work.

One contractor said, “We mailed several invoices with the PO# attached as they had requested. We have proof of the dates these were sent. No one will respond or answer us.” Another stated, “IIM has repeatedly been late paying invoices and now owes me thousands of dollars from months ago. Their accounting dept. has given me multiple dates when checks were issued, they don’t ever come.”

Although the company provided BBB with their guidelines for payment processing of invoices, contractors continue to claim failure of the company to remit payment as promised. BBB’s Accredited Business Directory will help you connect with trustworthy facility maintenance services.

D & W Appliance Service – BBB Rating: F
1048 Bryant Road, Ashland City, TN

Deciding which appliance service company to use cannot only be confusing, but can also be a hassle. When making your decision, don’t get burned by D & W Appliance Service.

Some consumers contacting BBB allege the company comes to their home to do repairs, but gives an incorrect diagnosis of the problem. Other consumers complain of delays in completing repair services, failure to provide the promised service and inferior workmanship resulting in the company earning an “F” Rating with BBB.

To avoid the problems these consumers experienced, BBB suggests choosing an accredited appliance repair business by visiting BBB’s Accredited Business Directory.

Sport Fans Apparel- BBB Rating: F

BBB cautions sports fans from purchasing jerseys and other products from Sport Fans Apparel’s website. Complaints on file with BBB allege the jersey’s are “knock-off’s” and that products are shipped from China despite the company’s website advertisement indicating the products are authentic and that company is located in Franklin, TN.

One consumer said, “This company shows pictures of a legit product and sends you an obvious knock-off.” Another indicated the logos were faded, and that “the numbers, letters and logos look like they will melt off the first time I run it through the dryer.”

BBB’s investigation revealed the company is not located at the advertised address, and all complaints on file remain unanswered and unresolved. BBB advises unhappy consumers who purchased products to file a complaint with BBB and dispute the charges with their credit card issuer.


County Disposal – BBB Rating: F
3808 Woodbury Pike, Murfreesboro, TN

BBB warns consumers of the business practices of County Disposal, which has generated over 145 consumer complaints citing the company’s failure to provide garbage collection services, failure to provide refunds for prepaid services and failure to discontinue automatic drafts to consumer bank accounts.

Consumers report multiple attempts to contact the company by phone and email go unanswered while trash sits outside of their homes for days, and in some cases, weeks. BBB contacted the company only to receive a prerecorded message stating, “We are picking up trash today, so take your cans to the curb.” Callers are then referred to the company’s website.

County Disposal has earned an F Rating for failure to provide services as contracted, failure to make requested refunds for prepaid services and failure to respond to complaints filed with BBB. To find a BBB Accredited Rubbish & Garbage Removal service, visit BBB’s Accredited Business Directory.


Wealth Automation Systems – BBB Rating: F
370 S. Lowe Ave. Ste. A157, Cookeville, TN

“RAKE IN OVER $30,000 WITHIN THE NEXT 21 DAYS!” and “EARN OVER $1000 A DAY IN CASH PROFITS,” are claims Wealth Automation Systems (WAS) makes to entice consumers in sending cash to a Cookeville, TN address. Although these offers sound like an easy way to make money fast, complaints on file with BBB indicate this offer is nothing more than a pyramid scheme.

Here’s how the scheme works: consumers are asked to send cash ranging from $800 up to $1200 via an overnight mail service, and are told they will receive a welcome package detailing how the program works. After paying the initial investment, consumers are then asked for more money to cover additional expenses for brochures and other materials. WAS then instructs the victim to mail out similar offers to deceive other consumers in sending cash to become involved in this too-good-to-be-true, get-rich-quick scheme.

BBB advises consumers to be skeptical of work at home offers that require money for instructions or products before telling you how the plan works, that claim you can make exaggerated profits with little or no experience, or that guarantee your success. There is no substitute for closely examining any offer which promises or guarantees income from work-at-home programs. Remember if it sounds too good to be true, chances are it’s a scam.

Can You Hear Me? – Phishing Phone Scam
BBB warns the public about a new phone scam targeting consumers concerning a variety of phone calls that all result in the caller asking, “Can You Hear Me?” Since January more than 6,000 reports have been filed on BBB Scam Tracker concerning this scheme.

The scammer’s goal is to get you to answer “YES,” and in most cases people do without question. Many consumers report the scammer fumbles around or claims they are having trouble with their headset. According to BBB’s research, the caller appears to be a robocall where they record your conversation and your “YES” answer. That recording can later be modified to make it sound like you agreed to a major purchase. Consumers may later find unauthorized charges on their phone bills or other financial statements if additional financial information was provided during the call.

BBB advises consumers who receive such calls to just hang up! Caller ID use to be a method of knowing who’s calling, but technology now a days allows scammers to spoof phone numbers. So, if you’re not familiar with the number calling, don’t answer. If it’s important, the caller will leave a message. Scammers change their tactics as the public catches on, so be alert for other questions designed to solicit a simple “yes” answer, and report suspicious calls to BBB’s Scam Tracker by clicking here: www.bbb.org/scamtracker/nashville/. Scam Tracker alerts the public to active scams, and BBB shares Scam Tracker information with government and law enforcement agencies, so every piece of information is helpful in tracking down scammers.

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