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Advanced Internet Technologies, Inc.

Noap! Here is how my experience went as a customer of 5 months: Came to them in April, told them that I had someone targeting our company for political reasons they (their COO) assured me that they could handle it without issue. This was a lie. Before AIT, the company before them would often shut down our servers because we had someone that would constantly call them or email them saying that our server was attacking them. That company would shut off the server and then investigate as it was their policy. In each case they found nothing and no evidence of attack but the downtime hurt our company badly so we moved to AIT. Two weeks ago, someone contacted them claiming that one or both of the servers through them was attacking their server (guess who). The sysadmin on call called me immediately and thought that my servers were compromised. I looked and there was nothing, I asked her to check her network and she saw nothing. The next morning the network engineer came in and said there was no evidence of any sort of attack. They kept our servers online until that person figured out the fake abuse reports didn't work with this company. So that person then DDOS's my server. The DDOS brought the entire AIT network offline for about 30 minutes or so. They then unplugged my servers and said I'd have to wait through the weekend before they could bring them back up as it required management decision. I waited. Monday rolls around and I'm told by management that they'll bring the server back online but I'll have to use Cloudflare as an intermediary DDOS protection solution. I did, I completely complied with AIT and their demands. Later that day they brought the server back up and I pointed Cloudflare to the server and ensured there was no IP leaks. Within minutes their network gets attacked but not my servers this time. Their network goes down again and I'm then told "We're not hosting you any more". What about the data, right? Check. They tell me I have to pay $150 per 1TB hard drive in ransom to retrieve my data. Why did they do though? So they could sterilize the logs. They wiped that day's logs. Little did they know I was log dumping to my office server and saw the logs and I know my servers were not attacked the second time. Funny that the logs exist on my server here in the office but not on the hard drives they sent me. Why? Because the second attack was not in violation of the AUP because my servers were not attacked. This is how this company will "stand behind" you. There is no Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Honor, or Integrity from this company, among those words are 5 of the qualities of LDRSHIP that the US Army required from NCO's. The owner claims veteran status, I'm a veteran, disabled and unable to walk. This company has no honor. I could have at any point dropped our client that is targeted with these attacks, I don't even agree with their politics, but I haven't because it is not honorable. This company cannot take a 1gbps 500,000pps DDOS attack, although they'll tell you they can. But as soon as it happens, you're going to be dropped like I was so I would highly advise that you find another data-center elsewhere or you will face a LOT more downtime than my previous provider and you'll also face some really rude comments from their staff when asking for their help in tracking down the attacker such as, "You're no longer our 'problem'".

Advanced Internet Technologies, Inc.

What an absolute horrific joke this hosting company is. I wouldn't even call them a hosting company. It all started when I selected one of their Windows VPS plans, instantly met with errors on their website. The payment button would not work, so I sat there clicking it a few times, then my card was charged 6 times. I let that slide, but then I logged into my account, and all the data I entered during sign up was gone. Called customer service and spoke with some girl by the name of Jen or Jennifer. She proceeded to tell me that it was normal, they enter all the information manually including payment (credit card information) after the order is placed. Archaic, I know, but I let that slide too. She assured me the server was being provisioned and to be patient. This was 8am CST. About 30 minutes later, I receive another ding on my credit card and American Express informed me that I got another charge for $11.96 that I did not authorize. I called AIT back, and the same girl Jen answers. She told me it was accidental and they would issue a refund. I said ok, and let that slide too. About two hours later, I get an email telling me my server account is setup and to login. So I did. To my surprise, all I can see are the plans I purchased and a bunch of sales lingo. Nothing about managing my server, no link to Plesk, nothing. Their entire interface is absolutely horrid. I am a User Experience Software Tester, this is a huge mistake for any company trying to compete. I called support back again, Jen answers. So it was at this point I began to complain. She assured me once again that everything was fine, that they had just not completed the server yet. So we hung up. About another hour later, still nothing from them. I entered into support chat (with Jen again) and after asking what the deal was, she transferred the chat to a fella named Byron. Byron tells me the $11.96 charge was their fault and he would take care of it. I asked for a confirmation and expressed my dissatisfaction this far. What happens next will blow your mind. Byron ignores me for 5 minutes, after I said "Hello? Hello". Finally, a few minutes later I asked "Should I just do a charge-back for the additional charge on my card that I didn't authorize?" It wasn't until that question that Byron quickly and abruptly answers "No, we will take care of it." So I asked, can you please send a confirmation of the refund? No response, waited 5 minutes, then ended the chat. About 10 minutes later, I go to login to my account, and all of my plan details were deleted! I called support, Jen answers then puts Byron on the phone. Byron gets rude and tells me I requested a full refund and closing of my account. I informed him that this is completely untrue, then he changed his tone and said it was because I threatened a charge-back and it would look bad to their merchant provider. At this point, I became a little ******. I informed him that first they charged my card for someone else's account without my authorization, took 3 hours and still didn't provision my server, then deleted my account without my approval simply for expressing my dissatisfaction. Unbelievable. After a 5 minute convo, Byron agrees to re-open my account, in 30 minutes he will have my server up and running he promised. Three hours later, nothing. At this point it's about 6pm CST. I've waited all day, and they have jerked me around, spoke to me rudely, charged my card without my authorization, and the treat me like I'm the ****. Oh, but that's not even the worst of it. I get an email at about 6pm from a ticket opened by a different customer, and they sent it to me on accident. This email contained this guy's full contact information and everything. In the ticket, I could read where this customer said "why are you sending me this, my account was closed months ago!" There is a severe security issue going on at AIT. I called support, Jen answers to no surprise. At this point it's pretty safe to assume that this is not the "BIG" company they pretend to be, it's like a 3 man show. Anyway, Jen starts getting rude at this point, proceeds to tell me I've been bothering them all day, gets all huffy and puffy, so I kind of lost my cool and told her to stop acting like a B. She didn't like that, put me on speaker phone, and started raising her voice at me.... "What did you say to me, what did you say to me!?" I said, "you heard what I said." So some guy grabs the phone from her and literally starts yelling at me then hung up in my face. Wow! Must have been her boyfriend. I call back again, Jen answers. I simply said, I want a full refund and to cancel my account. She says "OK!" then hangs up in my face. Unreal. I call back again, some guy answers all calmly, I said give me a refund. He says, "my supervisor says you will get your refund tomorrow." I replied, "your supervisor hung up in my face and so did Jen twice." He says, "nobody hung up on you sir." I could tell he had me on speaker/conference - so I said


Comment from the Business:

We are sorry to hear that you did not have a positive experience with your account registration. We have been a web hosting provider company for over 20 years and recently made some changes to the plans you attempted to register for and we appreciate your bringing to our attention the delay in your order processing and the additional billing error when the plan was provisioned. Our team was able to update your account with the information you provided. The appropriate billing corrections were made and your VPS plan was provisioned and you did receive that confirmation email. As you ordered a Plesk license, a second email was scheduled to be sent once that license and order was completed as not all customers select the Plesk license option. Yes, there was an email sent to you in error for a different account and that oversight was addressed internally and we appreciate your responsiveness when that occurred. Our customer service team ensured that your account information and account access, including the new license ordered was set up and activated that same business day. The last step was the email sent regarding the Plesk license you received with the link to login and activate your license. We appreciate your feedback and constructive input throughout your experience with the registration for your account. Unfortunately, there were oversights due to plan changes and registration functionality and understandably this caused delays to an otherwise routine process that many of our customers experience each day. However, when the tone changed to verbally abusive and profane in working with our Customer Service team, our management team needed to intervene and did so by terminating your account. All issues with the account registration were addressed and resolved that business day, but we do understand we did not meet your expectations.

by Business on Feb. 13, 2017

Comment from the Customer:

Nice cover-up response, but that won't fly. You used my business credit card information on someone else's account. Period. You also sent me personal information for a different customer of yours. To this day, I'm still receiving emails addressed to other people from your company. You are completely disorganized and it is a security risk. When you negligently fail to secure my payment information and leave me hanging for 2 days without any notice, then your staff gets rude with me and says "we've been dealing with you all day sir!" - then you best believe I will tell you how I feel, and if you think that's verbally abusive, then maybe you should seek some counseling for your overly sensitive feelings. You used my credit card fraudulently and you are passing around customer data to other customers, and not once did you apologize, not once! Instead, your staff lied to me, you made me feel like a pest, and you hung up in my face twice. Complete joke.

by Justin O. on Feb. 20, 2017

Advanced Internet Technologies, Inc.

This company was great when I first signed up with them (in 2007). However, when I went online to change my mailing and email address, I also turned off auto-renewal since I was planning on cancelling. I did forget to cancel in time, but when the billing dept called me about my account, I explained the situation and asked for my account to be canceled. I also informed them that I had moved and would need to update my address again. Good thing I did, or so I thought, because the address they had was my original one. So I updated it all over the phone. The person I talked to said that they would cancel the account and zero out my balance. I then got a few more calls from their billing depts, where they did not know about that agreement, showed that my account was canceled but I showed a balance. I offered each time to find the confirmation code that the original person gave me, but I was assured it was not needed. I also notified them each time that they had the wrong address. It is now in collections with an extra $200 charge, and again the collections agency does not have the correct address.

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Advanced Internet Technologies, Inc.

I keep getting bills and threats (they say the account was "due" less than 2 months ago and I am getting vicious litigation threats). I don't remember what these guys are sending a bill for, and they will not reply with anything but more threats. I am pretty sure we don't use them. They will not answer as to what service they are providing.


Comment from the Business:

Lisa, I appreciate you notifying the BBB as to the reason for AIT contacting you, however it appears you have an outstanding bill for a service that we provided you (and is still open) regarding the website Feel free to contact the individual(s) that sent you the bills, or letters, as our collections team will be able to rectify any issues with payment very quickly. Alternatively, you can contact us at XXX-XXX-XXXX and speak with any one of our agents, who are available 24x7. Sincerely, Michael ********** Chief Operating Officer AIT, Inc. ******** ****************** 877 209-5186 (Toll free direct) 910 222-4473 (Direct)

by Business on Dec. 28, 2015

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Advanced Internet Technologies, Inc.
Negative is an unorganized, unprofessional and dishonest company. Although, I was willing to overlook some of this because the owner "claims" to be a disabled veteran. However, I am convinced that this company operates with no regard to consumer protection laws and cooling off periods. Dishonesty among the staff is rampant. They auto renew accounts and services long after the customer has moved their services to another provider. No renewal notices ever sent. And, since they have your credit card they will run your card whenever they choose as they did to me. I transferred my domains off their servers and ceased to use their services for about a year before getting charges from them again. They will claim it is "their" policy and you failed to cancel in time, but never give you a chances to cancel their services according to "their" policy or the law. By hiding behind these phantom policies that are never communicated to the customer, they can continue automatic billing of the customer's credit card. This company would be a good target for an investigation for failing to understand and abide by FTC Consumer Protection Laws and those dealing specifically with online transactions. Stay clear of this company. There are many other respectable companies worthy of your business, but not this one. I challenge the CEO to contact me and defend HIS company's behavior and dealings. But of course, I've never heard from him. I doubt he's even who and what he says he is or that he even exists.


Comment from the Business:

Marty, My name, number, and direct email are listed on the AIT website. Feel free to contact me at any time with your concerns. I'm not sure what spurred this, but I can tell you from my 17+ years of working at AIT that a.) we are a service disabled veteran owned company as our CEO will gladly attest to, and b.) we have clear policies that are listed right on our website, and are agreed to at the time of signup. If you feel you were wronged in any way, please feel free to contact me and I'm sure we can find some mutual ground. I have reviewed the services you have with us, and your trouble tickets, and I think I see where this is a disconnect. Again, feel free to contact me via phone or email and we'll setup a time to talk about your concerns. Sincerely, Michael *. ******* Chief Operating Officer AIT, Inc. mroberts@AIT.com******************** ********************************** ******************

by Business on Oct. 06, 2015

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Billing / Collection Issues2
Delivery Issues1
Problems with Product / Service4
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Billing / Collection Issues


Sold me a hosting account with email, EMAIL DOES NOT WORK.
I purchased a hosting plan with the company. The plan comes with unlimited email accounts. However, this company's email does not work with Microsoft Outlook 2016, one of the worlds most used email clients. This makes the plan worthless to me. I submitted a request for cancellation and refund, but I am getting no response. I am on hold again as we speak. This company is ridiculous. I had to go to another company to purchase and use email accounts that I already paid for.

Desired Settlement

I believe the company should have advertised their limitations. Very misleading to not do so. I would like a refund.

Consumer Business Dialog

Final Consumer Response

From: ******* *****
Sent: Friday, August 11, XXXX X:XX AM
To: Better Business Bureau <**************>
Subject: RE: BBB Complaint Case# ******** (Ref#XX-XXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXX-X-XXX)

Please put this on hold. I am giving company one more shot at resolving.

******* *****

Problems with Product / Service


issue with my services and lazy customer support
i had issues on Sunday i asked the rep by the name *** r to help me she was very lazy and uncareing to my issue now i have had many issues the agents where very helpful and went beyond but the agent *** r that i had a couple times seems like she does not want to do anything to help my issue was that my hosting did not have smt6 after my upgrade i told her im paying a developer to make redesign changes on my website i asked her if she could configure a ftp that i could access wordpress files from it in the meantime because i was paying my developer and he needed this done asap i asked her if she could do on her end she declined now im out luck and outta money for something that was not my fault and she left the chat before i can finish giving her feedback on her customer support skills

Desired Settlement

fix my issues

Consumer Business Dialog

Business Response
Mr. *****,

I have reviewed your complaint and researched the issue. I apologize if you felt that you had a bad experience with one of our reps, however the request you made on 1/31/2016 was processed via trouble ticket after speaking with Ms. Jennifer ****** on 1/31/2016. Here is one of your 3 trouble tickets concerning the FTP information. For security reasons, I have removed the password that we sent to you via email.

Sequence : 1 Request on :1/31/2016 2:14:13 PM Topic : FTP Server > Linux accounts

my devolper needs u to u configure a ftp account for accessing wordpress files from it
Submitted By : Unknown Unknown

Reply Sent on : 1/31/2016 10:32:28 PM By : MacRae *******


Per our chat from earlier, the FTP user, "sheraz" exists on your server with the following password:** PASSWORD-REMOVED

The following guide will clarify how to setup FTP accounts:

If you have any further issues or concerns feel free to call AIT 24/7 at X-XXX-XXX-XXXX.

Also, please rate this ticket, which will let me know if I have provided satisfactory customer service or if I need improvement. Bear in mind that this ticket is not intended to grade the overall performance of AIT. This ticket only rates the performance of the Customer Service Technician who answered it.

Thank you for your patience,
MacRae *******
Customer Service Technician
Sales ID: ***
Advanced Internet Technologies, Inc.
Support: +X (XXX) XXX-XXXX ext: ****

In the event you have further support or customer service issues, you can always do the following, which will alert managerial intervention to your account.

1. Escalate any phone call to a manager on duty.
2. Rate a trouble ticket poorly, and a manager will review your trouble ticket.
3. Email ** and our QA Management Team will review your situation and contact you.

If your problem is not resolved, please let me know and we'll resolve the problem for you immediately. But from my review, it appears the FTP account is enabled, and you now have SMT 6.

Michael J. *******
Chief Operating Officer
AIT, Inc.
877 209-5186 (Toll Free)
910 222-4473 (Direct)
910 321-1392 (Fax)

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
yes this was a old complaint before she solved the issue

The Business addressed the issues within the complaint, but the consumer either (a) did not accept the response, OR (b) did not notify BBB as to their satisfaction. (6 complaints)

Billing / Collection Issues


Bill for services for July, only received partial service due to no fault of my own.
I came to AIT warning them that we had someone targeting our company online for political reasons. I was assured by the COO that they could handle our needs and services as well as mitigate the damages that our attackers were dealing.

On 7-10-2017 our attacker live chatted with AIT, in which he tried to have their abuse department shut down our server. The agent called me while looking at the server and determined the abuse report was a lie as I warned them. On 7-14-2017 our service through AIT was attacked through DNS Amplification (DDOS) in which they null-routed the server and disconnected it from their network. On 7-17-2017, they brought the server back online for about one hour, in which it was DDOSed again and within seconds the company, AIT closed our account making the server unavailable from 7-14-2017 thru 8-2-2017 which is over half of the billing cycle.


1) On 7-14-2017 I was notified that the server would be down throughout the weekend until management could make a decision on the service. On 7-17-2017, I was notified they would bring the server back online and keep it online so long as I utilized Cloudflare as an intermediary service, which I did, in full compliance with the AIT's demands, even though this added latency to the server.

2) AIT was notified before services started on 4-19-2017 that my company was a political target. They agreed to host us anyways and said, and I quote, "As long as you are not at fault, we will stand behind our customer".

3) On 7-18-2017 we were told we had to pay a ransom for our data through email/ticket correspondence, $150.00 per hard drive. Of which they refused to make available electronically even though our invoices were current and in compliance with the Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy.

4) On 7-31-2017, we picked up our last hard drive and asked in person if they would cooperate with helping us track down the attacker, we were told, quoting*****, "We will not be releasing any information to you, we are done with you, you are no longer our problem".

5) According to their current Acceptable Use Policy and Terms of Service as of 7-18-2017, our services were in compliance and our services, resulting from our actions on their network did not incite a cause for action under the provisions of their documentation. In fact, their AUP demands that cause for action must result in a direct or indirect cause from their client's actions or negligence. In fact, the secondary attack that exerted the account closure on our account was not directed to our services but the AIT network in general as no attack was recorded on our machines as I made a log-dump to our office server as the attack was happening on their network. The network scan shows that their router was "wobbling" as well as their network upstream providers, my servers stayed at 0.02 load the entire attack, until they were taken offline the second time.

Desired Settlement

According to state law, and federal law, services not rendered should be returned to the consumer. The refund defined is not subject to levies, or contractual terms, and specifically states that any contract in which removes this right from the consumer is an over-burdening provision.

I request partial or full refund for the month of July. I request partial refund for the hard-drives, to the extent of the difference paid for suggest retail price of the hard drives.

The hard drives delivered are Seagate 1GB hard drives which retails for $50.00. This is an over-payment of $100.00 per drive.

The over-payment for services was approx $114.00

The total sum of refund we seek as remedy is: $314.00

AIT may make check or money order payable to MLW & Associates, LLC,****************************************

Consumer Business Dialog

Business Response

Thank you for contacting AIT. ******* *****, our customer, was made aware of the Acceptable Use Policy regarding traffic and activities emanating from a client's hosting plan on AIT's network or impacting AIT's network and other customers. The customer agreed to abide by those policies during his consultation with the COO of AIT and was aware that an adverse impact to AIT's network could result in termination of services.

AIT noted several instances of suspicious traffic that generated from the client's hosting plan directed to a specific IP range in what appeared to be a DDOS attack coming from the customer's hosting plan. The customer was contacted about this activity and then the activity ceased, however the customer stated he was unware of this activity or the source. Then AIT was contacted by an outside party that had been affected by the DDOS attack that appeared to come from our customer's hosting plan. AIT attempted to verify the claim by this third party and also contacted our customer. Again, our customer stated he was unware of this activity or the source.

AIT then suffered a series of DDOS attacks that impacted a portion of our customer base over a period of several days. Our management team made the decision to inactive ******* Well's hosting plan and the attacks then ceased. After discussing the seriousness of the impact experienced by AIT with our customer, our management team activated the customer's hosting plan. Again, AIT suffered a series of DDOS attacks that impacted a portion of our customer base over a period of several days. Our management team then contacted our customer and informed him that AIT would not be able to activate his hosting services. AIT closed out the customer's hosting plan due to our stated Acceptable Use Policy. The customer made arrangements to come by our AIT office and retrieve this disk drives that had his company's data.

Thank you.


******* *.******
Chief Marketing Officer
Advanced Internet Technologies
************ Office
************ Fax

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Mr ********** is aware that the company, AIT, by means of it's Chief Operating Officer, assured my company before service was purchased and before they committed to the responsibility of keeping our company and subsequently our customers online, that we had had issues with these kind of malicious attacks in the past.

WHEREAS, Mr ********** and AIT is very well aware that prior to 7-18-2017 the AUP did not contain any provision in which held a customer accountable for the acts of non-customers unless that customer was found to be neglectful of the service and allowing exploits to exist on the server, which is not the case.

WHEREAS, Mr ********** and AIT is also very well aware that no attacks originated from my company's hosting account. As pursuant to North Carolina General Statues, I have legally obtained recordings of all telephone interactions including that with the Network Engineer of AIT stating that my hosting account was not in violation of any AIT Policy and no abuse originated or had been occurring on my company's hosting account.

WHEREAS, AIT suffered a series of DDOS attacks because of their own neglect and lack of knowledge of how to defend against them. I was alerted by another network administrator at my next provider who, in eight minutes guided me through how to setup a Gre Tunnel to our new servers to a data scrubbing center (a place in which mitigate DDOS attacks).

WEHREAS, my company was given the logs and claims of the DDOS attacks lodged against our company. I examined the logs and pointed out inconsistencies in timestamps, one timestamp that demonstrated the log was forged and being out of order from the other time-stamps as well as query strings which would have been easily identifiable in a managed switch's logs for Layer 7 identification. After examination is where voice recordings were collected from both Jennifer and someone identifying himself as the AIT Network Administrator who both said, on two separate dates that no evidence was found that pointed to any traffic between my company's hosting account and the accusing party.

WHEREAS, a separate recording was gathered from Jennifer, a systems administrator who was recorded saying, "I doubt they will terminate your service, when I called you after the abuse report, you gave me immediate access to your server, and I was able to verify there was nothing suspicious running".

WHEREAS, another recording indicates, and is verified through email correspondence that my service was terminated after another attack insues on the AIT network "in general" and not directed toward my servers.

WHEREAS, after termination more than half-way through the billing cycle, Mr****** refused a partial refund.

WHEREAS, after termination Mr****** required $150.00 per hard drive for each server, which retails for only $50.00 new, the hard drives were in a used state, and would only sell for $5-10 a piece.

This is not an acceptable response from the company, as it is clear falsehoods and I am prepared to litigate this case.

Delivery Issues


My system has been down for 4 hours.
I have a web hosting company and my site has been down for more than 4 hours, My clients are also down. I have called, opened support tickets and still I am down. The support tech I spoke with said we are working on it however I see no progress. It would seem that I stand to loose several days if not weeks of data and maybe several clients as well.

Desired Settlement

if data is lost I will loose not only the data but I stand to loose money as well as my entire business.

Consumer Business Dialog

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: ******* ** ***** CMO
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: ***
We noticed a service disruption for our customer on Sunday, 26 March 2017 at approximately 6:45pm. In working with the customers, we were able to restore connectivity early morning on Monday, 27 March 2017, after approximately 6 hours of service disruption. Our Engineering team remained in contact with our customer during this disruption period.

Our company maintains back-ups of data for our customers. We noted the back-ups for this customer were corrupted. Our Engineering team, in coordination with the customer, was able to rebuild and restore the customer's data completely. We received confirmation from the customer that his website and data were fully restored and operational on Monday, 27 March 2017 at approximately 3pm.

Problems with Product / Service


refund and poor services
Ait has been a hard company to keep up with they limit my space and try to collect unesscary fees from clients i got a email saying that my website was expolited and that i have to pay for a security scan which is extra money not included in my bill this should be free to customers included in the hosting plan also whenever my website would go down whenever my traffic peekeed also they forced me to get on a 44.00 a month plan when upon purchasing the plan the agent said it would be great for my site i think im owed a refund by ait because there service are not worth the cost im also owed a refund because i canceled services with them 10/2015 and told a rep i did not want to be billed anymore so im owed a refund from that date

Desired Settlement

refund for service

Consumer Business Dialog

Business Response
Thursday, September 08, 2016

Consumer: ***** *******
Complaint #: XXXXXXXX

Ms. *****,

Thanks for bringing Mr. *******'s complaint to our attention. Ironically, Mr. ******* is still a customer of AIT under the domain name of His current plan with AIT is a VPS Extreme plan, which is $44.99/month. This type of plan includes resources like disk space, memory and CPU so Mr. ******* can use it for his website.

On or about 9/4/2016, AIT began receiving email notifications from AOL and other ISP providers that was sending spam email. Upon investigation, we did find that Mr. *******'s account was indeed exploited and sending out spam email. I have included an example below of the subject line and body of the email that was being sent to some AOL users.

SUBJECT: Midgets double team a hot milf
Fake titty milf bends over for ***** eating The video is here!

AIT's responsibility with the VPS Extreme plan that Mr. ******* has are to ensure the general security of the server, operating system, general services AIT provides. However, AIT cannot secure the content that Mr. ******* puts on his *************************** website without additional managed services fees.

On 9/4, AIT approached Mr. ******* to explain several Security Scan services that we offer ( These services include the removal, management, and assistance with securing the content that Mr. ******* is putting on his VPS Extreme server. Mr. ******* declined to purchase those services. This is fine by AIT, however we expect that Mr. ******* take the security actions necessary to ensure his VPS Extreme is free from malware and is not sending out spam email to AOL or any other ISP providers.

Mr. *******'s comments that he deserves a refund because he told the rep he didn't want to be billed anymore are incorrect. Mr. *******'s plan is open and billed on 9/1/2016, which is 4 days before any reports of abuse notifications. AIT's Billing Procedures (, which are included by reference in the AIT Online Agreement ( , indicate that if Mr. ******* wishes to cancel his account, he needs to go through the proper channels to do so, which so far he has not.

As such, the September amount is due and Mr. ******* will be responsible for paying such fees. Ironically, the VPS Extreme service that Mr. ******* has is now no longer sending spam emails. We hope that Mr. *******, and the account owner, Mr. *****, have addressed the security issue on their site and that they also communicate with AIT and our management team if they wish to have a further discussion about their account. My team and I are available to discuss Mr. *******'s account.


******* J. *******
Chief Operating Officer
AIT, Inc.
*** ******** (Toll Free Direct Line)
*** ******** (Office)
*** ******** (Fax)

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