Tech Support Scam Twist Victimizes Eupora Woman

November 01, 2017

Better Business Bureau received a call from a Eupora woman reporting that she was a victim of a tech support scam. According to the victim, a “tech support specialist” called claiming to have a refund of $50 for work that had previously been done to fix her computer. She was told in order to refund her money they needed access to her computer and her banking information. Instead of receiving a refund the money was withdrawn from her bank. Tech Fix Now currently has an “F” rating with BBB with over 100 complaints in the past three years.

“Consumers need to do their homework before they do business with someone they don’t know” says John O’Hara CEO BBB serving Mississippi “Don’t fall for high pressure tactics tricking you into making a bad decision”.

If you are have problems with your computer you should take it to a reputable dealer and research the company at

BBB offers the following tips to avoid being taken by this and similar scams:

1. Start With Trust® Always check with BBB if something seems suspicious.
2. Hang up on unsolicited, third party calls claiming you have a computer virus.
3. For tech support, verify a company’s contact information at or visit a known company’s official website.
4. Never provide passwords or allow someone access to your computer online or over the phone.
5. If you receive a website pop-up claiming you have a computer virus, do not follow the directions. Close the pop-up browser window and run a virus/malware scan on your computer.
6. If you paid for the scam “services” with a credit card, call your card provider and ask to reverse the charges and change your credit card number.

Be sure to report all scams to BBB Scam Tracker at You can also report the incident to the Federal Trade Commission at and the internet crime website of the FBI at