Fake Loan Company says Mississippi is it’s Home

Facebook scam takes money from victims needing loans
February 27, 2017

Victims from Memphis to Las Vegas have filed complaints against “Heritage Financial Group”, a company claiming to be from Sunflower, Mississippi, offering debt consolidation and to pay their outstanding bills. These victims contacted the company after answering a Facebook ad promising to pay off outstanding debt by doing a loan consolidation. After contacting “Heritage Financial Group” the unsuspecting victims wired money via Western Union for processing and handling and were promised a check would be sent to them via Fedex the next day. One problem, the money never came and the victims were out their processing and handling fees.

A BBB investigation discovered that the address, website and phone number provided by the “fake” company are actually for legitimate businesses, who have been contacted by consumers looking for their loan.  Heritage Finance Company, LLC in Marion, North Carolina has been receiving calls for over two years from consumers demanding their loan or their money back. The individuals who are running the Facebook scam had been providing a website link to “Heritage Finance Company, LLC” in order to look legitimate to prospective victims. Also, the address that has been provided as a company location is in fact a Sunflower, MS Catfish Farmer. This business owner informed BBB that he has been receiving calls from upset people looking for their loan for the past six months and didn’t understand why they were calling him until a BBB investigator contacted him.

“This is a prime example why people need to investigate who they are doing business with” says John O’Hara CEO BBB serving Mississippi “As you can see scammers are going great lengths to appear they are on the up and up”. BBB offers Business Reviews on more than 5.3 million businesses.

BBB advises caution when searching online for a loan:

  • Always check out a lender with BBB at (601) 398-1700 or 800-987-8294.
  • Don’t be fooled – anyone can make a legitimate looking website. Watch for telltale “red flags” of a scam (misspellings, bad grammar, no encryption.)
  • Beware of promises of low interest rates or “guaranteed” approval despite bad credit.
  • NEVER pay an upfront fee for a loan.