Adding BBB Dynamic Seal to your Facebook Page

Instructions for installing your Accredited Business Dynamic Seal on Facebookf

VISIT THIS WEBSITE: to retrieve your dynamic seal. Enter your BID # along with your BBB location. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW:

Choose the color, style, and size of the dynamic seal you would like to display. After completing the steps, your HTML code will be displayed. You will need to Copy and Paste this code into a Facebook app:

FB step one


Go to Facebook and search for "Static HTML: iFrame tabs" in the search box. The correct app is the one with the white star and grey background. ANY OTHER APP WILL NOT WORK:

FB step two

Select "Add Static HTML to a Page"

FB step three

Select "Facebook Pages"

FB step four

Select your business' Facebook page, then select "Add Page Tab:"

FB step five

Select "Edit Tab"

FB step six


Insert your dynamic seal HTML code into the box marked "index.html"

FB step seven

Select "Save & Publish"

FB step eight

Select "View on Facebook"

FB step nine

Your dynamic seal should now be visible on Facebook. Click the link to test your seal:

FB step ten

If you would like to rename your tab, simply select the "More" button. Then select "Manage Tabs"

FB step eleven



Click "Add or Remove Tabs" at the bottom

FB step twelve


Scroll down to the Static HTML app. Select "Edit Settings"

FB step thirteen

Select "Custom Tab Name" and type in "BBB Business Review" or another name you would like to label  your tab. Click "OK" 

FB step fourteen