About BBB Institute for Marketplace Ethics


BBB Institute for Marketplace Ethics is the 501(c)3 charitable educational foundation of Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota. Charitable business and public support allows us to offer free fraud prevention resources for at-risk consumers, including seniors, youth and the military community and provide trainings, tools, scholarships and recognition programs that promote ethical enterprise and leadership.

Mission and Vision

Mission: To provide education, resources and training on ethics, as well as prevent marketplace fraud and scams targeting at-risk consumers

Vision: An ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers trust each other


Programs are housed within two centers: BBB Center for Character Ethics and BBB Center for Fraud Prevention.

The BBB Center for Character Ethics was created for those who believe success is measured in more than dollars and cents. A company’s most valuable asset is not something that can be bought or sold. It is trust – and it must be earned. At the BBB Center for Character Ethics, we provide practical character ethics and ethical enterprise research and resources to help leaders, educators and students – our current and future workforces – achieve success by embracing the power of trust.

The BBB Center for Fraud Prevention houses the following programs: BBB Senior Program, BBB Military Line® and the Coalition Against Marketplace Fraud. In addition, the BBB Center for Fraud Prevention partners with local and regional companies and organizations to promote fraud prevention messages to business leaders and, specific at-risk populations and consumers of all ages. For more information, please contact the BBB at ask@thefirstbbb.org or call 1-800-646-6222.