Customer Reviews


We want to hear from you! Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota wants you to share your customer experiences working with area businesses using our customer reviews feature. Effective January 1, 2014, BBB added customer reviews to our BBB Business Profiles. This means our BBB Business Profiles now provide a space for customer feedback. However, just like our complaint process, customer reviews are verified by a BBB professional, and the business has an opportunity to respond or inform us the consumer did not do business with them before the review is posted. This helpful customer feedback was requested by both consumers and businesses who told us this information is important when researching companies and making wise purchasing decisions. Both consumers and businesses also wanted a trusted process to publicly share positive customer experiences -- not only complaints.

Submitting a customer review on a business is easy!

Go to the specific company’s BBB Business Profile page on On the right hand rail under customer reviews, choose “submit a customer review.” You will need to provide the following:

  1. An overview of your experience
  2. Rate your experience: positive, neutral or negative
  3. How likely you are to recommend the business to others
  4. Your contact information
  5. You will receive an email asking you to verify that you did indeed submit a customer review

You can also access customer reviews here.

Reading customer reviews is easy!

On a company’s BBB Business Profile page, you can read the breakdown of positive, neutral and/or negative reviews for a business for the last 36 months, the BBBs standard reporting period. Unlike complaints, customer reviews are not used in the calculation of the BBB Ratings. (If you wish to file a complaint, please use our online complaint form.) Customer Reviews are the subjective opinion of the individual who posted the review and not of Better Business Bureau. A customer review is not posted on a business if a BBB complaint on the same issue(s) is also filed. BBB cannot guarantee the accuracy of any customer review and is not responsible for the content of any customer review.

Customer Reviews: Q & A

Q: When did BBB of Minnesota and North Dakota begin offering customer reviews?
A: Customer reviews were effective January 1, 2014.

Q: Do customer reviews impact a company’s BBB rating?
A: No, customer reviews do not affect the grade of a company.

Q: Can a third party post a comment regarding a customer review?
A: No, only the customer and/or business may post a comment regarding a customer review.

Q: How long will a customer review remain on a company’s BBB Business Profile?
A: Customer reviews will remain on BBB Business Reviews for 36 months, our standard
reporting period (the same timeframe that a complaint would remain).

Q: Is there any type of time limit for when a customer review can be filed and when the marketplace interaction occurred?
A: No.

Q: Are there any rules regarding paid for testimonials/reviews?
A: If a business has paid their customer or offered a discount on their services in exchange for a review/testimonial this information needs to be disclosed in the consumer’s review/testimonial.

Q: Why is the BBB offering customer reviews?
A: This feedback is something consumers (and businesses) have told us is important to them when they research companies, it also allows for positive experiences (not just complaint information) to be shared on BBB’s website.

Q: Do you have any type of breakdown regarding what percentage of customer reviews are positive vs. neutral/negative?
A: Of BBBs across the country who are already offering customer reviews, a substantial majority have been positive.

Q: Are all BBBs offering customer reviews?
A: No. The BBB system is made up of more than 100 BBBs. Customer reviews have been successfully operating in other markets since 2004.

Q: What is the process for submitting a customer review with BBB?

  1. User submits a review
  2. User receives an email and must click to verify
  3. Business is notified (email or postcard)
  4. Business has 3 options: Ignore - Respond - Not My Customer
    1. If ignored, after 10 days the review is posted (timeframe differs among BBBs, but this is our local policy)
    2. If a response is provided, the review is posted immediately
    3. If Not My Customer, BBB alerts the user and asks for proof

Q: What are some of the safeguards in place to limit and discourage misuse?

  1. User must provide email and click to activate.
  2. User must certify, by actively checking a box, that the review is truthful and accurate
  3. Businesses that can “prove” user isn’t truthful can have review suspended while BBB works dispute resolution.
  4. If a complaint is filed simultaneously by a consumer with the same email address, the customer review is suspended. Consumers cannot submit both a complaint and customer review.
  5. IPs are tracked and monitored, and can be blacklisted if necessary.