Privacy Policy

Better Business Bureau (BBB) is committed to maintaining your confidence and trust, and accordingly maintains the following privacy policy:

BBB’s Commitment to Security

BBB encrypts billing information wherever requested online. Personal information is accessible only by staff and volunteers designated to handle complaints or requests. All BBB agents and contractors with access to personal information are also bound to adhere to this policy as part of their contract with BBB.

Personal Information that BBB May Collect

BBB collects the following types of personal information: names, postal and email addresses, phone and facsimile numbers, IP addresses, billing information, and complaint and inquiry information. BBB may also collect business information from companies/organizations that apply for accreditation or program participation, some of which might constitute personal information, as well as personal information from individuals acting solely in their business capacity.

BBB does not collect or maintain information from those actually known to be under the age of 13, and no part of our site is structured to attract anyone under the age of 13.

How BBB May Use Personal Information

BBB and its agents and contractors will use information you submit to BBB for the purposes for which it was submitted such as to reply to inquiries, handle your complaints and process billing and business requests related to program participation, and we will use such information to provide operational notices, and in program recordkeeping and to conduct research on industry marketplace practices. Our research may lead to the publication of aggregate demographic data but will not result in the reporting or publication of any personal information provided to us.

At certain points where personal information is collected on our site, there may be a box where you may indicate you would like to be on either a mailing list to receive a BBB newsletter, information about other BBB programs and services and about ways to support BBB and its Foundation, the BBB Institute for Marketplace Ethics. You can at any time add or remove your name from a BBB list by contacting us at

Other Ways Your Information May Be Shared

In order to process complaints or customer reviews, BBB will forward complaints or reviews received to the company involved. It is also possible, if a given company is headquartered or located in another state, that a complaint, request or inquiry will be more appropriately handled by another BBB, in which case the request or inquiry will be transferred to the proper BBB. By completing a complaint form or sending us a customer review, request, or inquiry, you are allowing us to forward your information to the proper business and also to the proper BBB, if necessary. Consumer inquiries and reviews may be forwarded by email, and consumers should recognize that this method of transmission may not be secure. BBB may also share your personal information with our parent organization, Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBBB) to help them research industry marketplace practices. Just as in any research we may do, CBBB research will not result in the reporting or publication of any personal information.

We will also release personal information under the following circumstances:

  • Where release is required by law (for example, a subpoena) or regulation, or is requested by an agency for governmental investigative purposes or governmental proceedings;
  • Where our records indicate a company may be engaged in fraudulent activity or other deceptive practices that a governmental agency should be made aware of;
  • To appropriate governmental authorities, where warranted by a company’s failure to participate in BBB’s advertising self-regulatory process; or
  • To appropriate persons, where your communication suggests possible harm to others.
  • BBB may share business information with third parties for such purposes as allowing search engines to identify BBB accredited businesses, for quality control purposes of franchisors or licensees, or to provide our accredited businesses with access to affinity programs which offer benefits to such businesses.

Help Us Keep Your Personal Information Accurate

If your personal information changes or you would like to review the personal information we may have on file, please email us with the new information or your review request at Let us also know the department or BBB program that led to your submission of personal information so we may efficiently locate and update your information.

Computer Tracking and Cookies

Our website is not set up to track, collect or distribute personal information not entered by its visitors. Our site logs do generate certain kinds of non-identifying site usage data, such as the number of hits and visits to our site. This information is used for internal purposes by technical support staff to provide better services to the public and may also be provided to others, but again, the statistics contain no personal information and cannot be used to gather such information. In addition, people accessing our Business Profiles will be asked for their consent to provide geo-location data; this is not required, however.

A cookie is a small amount of data that is sent to your browser from a Web server and stored on your computer's hard drive. BBB uses non-identifying cookies to provide easier site navigation and access to forms. You can still use BBB site if your browser is set to reject cookies. Our cookies do not generate personal data, do not read personal data from your machine and are never tied to anything that could be used to identify you.

BBB does use re-targeting cookies which can be used to serve ads to users who have previously visited our website as they browse the web. Users can opt-out from retargeting ads by visiting these sites: and  

Individuals that have come to BBB's website via a sponsored ad on Google are being tracked by a conversion tracking cookie. This cookie contains no personal information and cannot be used to identify an individual. Visitors can opt out of Google's use of cookies by visiting Google's Ads Settings, at the following link:


If you have a complaint about BBB's compliance with this pricacy policy, you may contact us at