BBB has several volunteer opportunities for business professionals, consumers and students

Better Business Bureau greatly appreciates the time and talents of more than 100 individuals who help deliver and support our programs, events and resources. It is with their help and dedication that we strive towards our vision of an ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers can trust each other. If you are interested in volunteering with BBB, please contact the individual listed by the opportunity for more information. THANK YOU!

For Business Professionals

Student of Integrity Scholarship Judge
BBB offers an annual scholarship program to promote integrity in our community’s youth, and recognize high school seniors who demonstrate an understanding of the impact of ethical choices. The scholarships are based on the content of a written, 1,000 words or less, essay. As a judge, you are responsible for reading through approximately 25-35 entries on your own time, scoring them and then meeting at the BBB with the other judges to re-evaluate your top essays and choose the scholarship winners. For more information, please contact Mackenzie Kelley at mackenzie.kelley@thefirstbbb.org.

Torch Awards for Ethics Judge
Each year BBB presents the Torch Awards (formally known as the Integrity Award) to businesses who demonstrate an outstanding level of ethics in all of their business practices. To compete for the award, companies must first be nominated, and then submit a formal entry to BBB. Serving as a judge would involve reviewing all of the entries (between 30-40, most likely) on your own time, taking notes and scoring them, and then meeting at BBB to discuss the entries and decide on the finalists and winners in each category. This takes place in July-August of every year. For more information, please contact Mackenzie Kelley at mackenzie.kelley@thefirstbbb.org.

BBB Board of Directors
Better Business Bureau is governed by a Board of Directors, elected for three year terms. Board Members represent Accredited Businesses large and small,  as well as community members with special expertise relevant to the BBB mission. Local business leaders are welcome to submit their resumes for board consideration with Senior Vice President Barb Grieman at barb.grieman@thefirstbbb.org

The goal of arbitration is to resolve business/customer disputes quickly and economically as an alternative to the court system. Accordingly, arbitration is a professional activity requiring specific abilities, including excellent written, verbal, listening, fact-finding and logical reasoning skills. For more information, please contact Maureen Slater at maureen.slater@thefirstbbb.org.

The goal of mediation is to facilitate a conversation between the business and consumer, in which both parties reach a resolution together. In order to volunteer as a mediator you must be recognized by the state of Minnesota as a Qualified Neutral under Rule 114. If you are already a trained mediator, please contact Maureen Slater at maureen.slater@thefirstbbb.org.

BBB Day at BizTown
BBB is proud to partner with Junior Achievement and their BizTown program! BizTown is a 10,000 square foot kid-sized city nestled within Junior Achievement headquarters in Maplewood, Minn. This unique program is the culmination of classroom-based economic curriculum where students (grades 4-6) leave their classrooms for a simulated real-world experience at JA’s experiential learning lab. Students apply their new skills in a fun, hands-on learning environment. Each Spring the BBB recruits volunteers to help at BBB Day at BizTown. For more information, please contact Lisa Hiebert at lisa.hiebert@thefirstbbb.org.

For Consumers

Secret Shopper
BBB uses secret shoppers to 'test' advertising claims, offers and selling practices. Our Secret Shopper volunteers “shop” the business, note their experiences and provide a written report back to BBB. The Secret Shoppers experiences are used to support BBB investigations and are shared with the business. For more information, please contact Karen Thompson at karen.thompson@thefirstbbb.org.

Fraud Fighters
BBB, in partnership with AARP, has a team of senior-citizen volunteers called Fraud Fighters. To become a Fraud Fighter, you will attend a Fraud Fighter training – and then be available to meet quarterly with other Fraud Fighter volunteers to learn about the latest scams and how to share the tips on how to spot, stop and report fraud to your local community. For more information, please contact Gary Johnson at gary.johnson@thefirstbbb.org.

For Students

We offer semester and summer internships for students (Juniors or Seniors preferred) to work in our Advertising Review department. Interested students should be advertising, communications, marketing or business majors with a keen interest in promoting ethics in the marketplace, as well as be assertive, positive and be inquisitive by nature. Internships are generally 12 weeks for 12 hours per week. Interns will receive substantive, challenging and rewarding choices for projects and a copy of projects completed for BBB for use in their portfolio of example work. If you have an interest in marketplace issues and promoting ethical business practices, aptitude with computer and phone skills and customer service job experience, we’d like to talk to you! To apply, please submit a letter of interest, your availability, resume and three references to: Karen Thompson at karen.thompson@thefirstbbb.org or 220 S River Ridge Cir, Burnsville, MN 55337

Service Learning
BBB welcomes Service Learning students for approximately 40 hours of work in the BBB educational foundation, the BBB Institute for Marketplace Ethics (IME). Service Learning students can choose to assist with our Center for Character Ethics or our Center for Fraud Prevention. This opportunity is open throughout the year/ongoing. For more information, please contact Lisa Jemtrud at lisa.jemtrud@thefirstbbb.org.